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Branded a “Moxie Maven” by the White House for my unique and effective approach to developing rising female leaders, I have become a go-to thought leader, speaker, coach and trainer for executives, entrepreneurs and rising leaders. Specializing in women’s communication and leadership development (and embraced by men as well as women because of my playful storytelling, infectious humor and no nonsense solutions), I am the Founder of Influencer Academy and the creator of Your Spotlight Talk and Your Spotlight Workshop.

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November 23, 2015One of my favorite cinematic moments is in The King’s Speech when Colin Firth, playing the role of Albert, the Duke of York (and future king), curses during an emotional session with his speech therapist Lionel, played by Geoffrey Rush. In the scene, Lionel has pushed Albert to talk about his childhood in hopes of getting to the source of ... Read More

How I let my daughter see me shine (plus an invitation to my FREE speaking master class)

November 12, 2015It’s taken me close to 2 years to reconcile my desire to do big work in the world with my coexisting desire to be home as much as possible with my daughter while I do it. While I work at least a few hours 6 days a week, and many days a “few” means up to 9 or 10 hours, ... Read More
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The danger of taking advice from people like me

October 27, 2015While we are just a few days away from “falling back” and moving into Daylight Saving Time, the last few weeks there have been many moments where I’ve felt like I could just “fall down.” Although I’ve never felt more on purpose or happy, I’m simultaneously feeling wiped out. While to be fair having a series of 7-day workweeks and ... Read More
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How I negotiated my way into my dream vehicle

October 14, 2015As I drove off to the opening weekend of this year’s Influencer Academy last Friday, enjoying the sweet smell of new car leather, my hair blowing in the breeze coming through my sunroof, while rocking out to my favorite 90’s jams on satellite radio, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction as I enjoyed my first ride out in my ... Read More