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Branded a “Moxie Maven” by the White House for my unique and effective approach to developing rising female leaders, I have become a go-to thought leader, speaker, coach and trainer for executives, entrepreneurs and rising leaders.  Specializing in women’s communication and leadership development (and embraced by men as well as women because of my playful storytelling, infectious humor and no nonsense solutions), I am the Founder of Influencer Academy and the creator of Your Spotlight Talk and Your Spotlight Workshop.

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June 16, 2015When I was 7 months pregnant, one of my friends and colleagues sent me an email with details on an upcoming virtual program on how to plan and execute a successful online launch. I had been harboring the idea of creating an online TED-style talk development program (what ultimately became Your Spotlight Talk) for years, but I had dozens of excuses ... Read More

It’s My Birthday, I’m Not Dying, and I Have a New Website!

June 4, 2015To say that the last six weeks have ‘tested’ me would be akin to saying Mother Teresa lived a life of grace. Not that I’m comparing myself to Mother Teresa. Our commonalities might begin and end with our gender and our desire to bring charity to others. Especially this passed spring. As I sit in bed writing you on my ... Read More

Say “Heck Yeah” to Retrograde

May 14, 2015I don’t know about you, but I am SUPER SENSITIVE to a Mercury Retrograde, a time when the planet Mercury slows down and appears to (although it does not) actually move backwards. During the three to four times when this period happens each year, people often experience a range of “retrograding” symptoms. Because the planet Mercury rules communication, people often ... Read More

‘Tis the Season for Pruning

April 20, 2015When Racheal Cook invited me to be a part of her Business That Loves You Back Blog Tour, it was a no brainer decision to say, “heck yeah!” I knew that I would be in Costa Rica when my writing went live (which would nudge me to write early). And that as someone who loves pulling back the curtains on ... Read More