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In 90-Days…

Transform Stage Fright into Unshakeable Stage Presence Create High Impact (and High Converting) Speaking Content And… Get Booked to Speak!

Do You Want to Use Speaking to Convert Audience Members into Clients?

What if you could finally be the speaker you've always wanted to be? Someone who is:
  • Filled with moxie, who doesn’t shrink when speaking to virtual or live audiences. Somebody who knows how to walk onto any stage (or screen!) and speak up for yourself, your ideas, and your business – and call people to take action.
  • A passionate, authentic storyteller who is willing to get vulnerable with your audience - because you know the fastest path to true connection is letting them see you.
  • A savvy speaking maven, who deploys smart strategies to consistently get seen, get booked and make classy offers - in the name of both transformation and profit.
  • A charismatic innovator, who dares to disrupt the status quo by creating and delivering material that addresses familiar topics from angles no one else is talking about, but should be - and is seen as a true thought leader.

Give me 90 days and I will coach you through everything you need to slay resistance, create game changing speaking content and consistently get booked to speak!

Hi, I’m Alexia Vernon.

I’ve spent approximately 20 years getting paid to speak (and over a decade showing other entrepreneurs, change makers and thought leaders how to do the same).

And what I do really, really, really well is help speakers banish their self-doubt and step into their greatness.

Their way.

If you’re like most of my community members, you know in your head, your heart, and the deepest reservoirs of your gut that you were put here to:

    Amplify people’s success and life satisfaction

    Move people to take big, bold action in their lives (or careers or businesses)

    Facilitate positive (and perhaps even radical) change in the world

    And you can see that speaking is not only a brilliantly effective way to do this, you KNOW that speaking is THE ideal way for YOU to do this, right NOW at this point in your business (or career)... so that you can create the business (and leave the legacy) you desire. You simply need to pull the essential pieces together and make them work for you like a well oiled machine.

    Maybe You Want To:

    Develop an Epic Keynote (or Signature Presentation)

    That you know will transform lives and position you as a thought leader. And enjoy the heck out of speaking - and the visibility that comes from it!

    Grow Your Business and Platform

    By getting on the right (for you) stages and inviting audience members to become clients or members of your community who are eager to work with and learn from you.

    Be the Go-To Authority

    By disrupting your industry with your bold, compelling ideas and speaking to business groups and associations, for high level masterminds and at high-profile events where top leaders attend and take notice.

    Use Your Visibility to Instigate Positive Social Change

    Speak your passion, assert your perspectives and harness your vulnerability to influence policies, practices and causes that align with your values so that you create a platform (and legacy) that supports millions to create their own impactful change.

    Whether you see yourself doing one or all of these things (or something else just as extraordinary that harnesses your awesome-sauce and gives voice to your ideas in a way that transforms people’s lives), perhaps you’ve experienced some of the mucky “stuff” that holds most speakers back:


    Peers, colleagues or clients may have told you you’d be a great speaker. You’ve likely already achieved a measure of success in your current (or previous) career or business and you’re ready to dial things up - big time! But you may be wondering:

    • Whether what you have to say is worth saying. On one level you know it totally is, but when you think about getting up in front of an audience . . . you can’t quite see it coming together.
    • Where the heck to begin - especially when you’re busy networking, building an online presence and hustling to build your business, practice or movement.
    • How to put all the speaking pieces together to be seen as a trusted expert. And not just to give formulaic talks that don’t feel authentic. You are the REAL DEAL and you need any presentation you give to reflect that.


    ... the frustration may be more nuanced.

    • You’re uber great at working hard but when it comes to tying that work to tangible results, like consistent bookings in front of ideal audiences or reliable revenue coming in as a result of your speaking, you wonder: “what the heck am I missing?”
    • You’re wicked smart and you love learning - aaaaaaand you haven’t seen the online courses and professional development you’ve done in the last year (or three) “pay off” (so to speak). Because despite “doing the work” and going “all in,” on courses and conferences, the clarity and specific solutions needed to make speaking an integral part of (and revenue generating system in) your business or career aren’t there yet.
    • You get speaking gigs regularly (and perhaps are being paid to speak - YAY!) but your presentations feel more educational than transformational. And while you know there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, you feel like you’ve outgrown it. Your question, “Where do I go from here?” is deeply annoying to you.

    No matter where you see yourself in the above scenarios (and you may fall into more than one), rest assured you are soooooooo not alone! However, you can’t keep taking the same actions if you want speaking to be a pathway to more revenue, transformation, and a heck of a lot of personal fulfillment and satisfaction in your work and life.

    Stepping into your moxie as a speaker requires the willingness and wherewithal to collaborate:

    • With yourself - to reach a deeper level of self-trust and confront the resistance that dogs you every time you decide to step out of familiar territory and uplevel.
    • With a coach and mentor who is where you want to be - and who is a visionary leader who has mastered profitability and transformational speaking (and shown thousands of other entrepreneurs, coaches, change agents, healers and thought leaders how to do the same).
    • With a community of like minded, open hearted visionaries who enrich and support your experience (completely and without judgment), and who celebrate your wins and honor your disappointments.

    What if you had unshakeable self-trust, a brilliant speaking coach and mentor, and a community of fellow emerging thought leaders – so that all you had to do was show up and do the work to start booking (more) live and virtual speaking engagements?


    “Alexia is a master at bringing together an incredible group, pulling out their best, and helping them shape their speaking style. I was floored at the transformation she facilitated in one weekend and highly recommend her work.”

    Nathalie Lussier
    Founder, AmbitionAlly


    “As a 10-year Broadway veteran, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top coaches in the world. Alexia has all of the qualities I look for in a coach: keen eyes and ears, the ability to give honest, constructive feedback, and a taste level I can trust. If you have the opportunity to work with Alexia, know that you’ll be getting much more than a coach; you’ll have a cheerleader, a sister, and a compassionate guide who genuinely cares about you and your goals.”

    Sandra Joseph
    Author, Unmasking What Matters and Longest-Running “Christine” in Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera


    "Alexia is incredible – strategically, tactically and emotionally. Her presence and guidance are unmatched. You're in the right place with what Alexia has built and launched!”

    Amy Jo Martin
    Founder, Digital Royalty


    A 3-Month Group Coaching Experience for Speakers

    The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator is a full on virtual coaching experience culminating in a 3 day, LIVE, IN PERSON event that will knock your socks off!. It’s designed to propel you down your unique path to making speaking profitable. Are there sequences, structures, frameworks, videos, templates and tools in this experience? Abso-freakin-lutely! Is this a cookie cutter program filled with busy work that may not apply to you? Oh HECK NO.

    The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator is not a virtual online course where every module is pre-recorded with a couple of live calls sprinkled in where you show up to ask questions (and maybe get them answered).

    During The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator, which runs from January 27, 2021 through April 14, 2021, Wednesdays from 9:00am – 11:00am pacific we will meet virtually for a live group coaching call. These are not just Q&A calls (although you will certainly get your questions answered). These are true coaching calls, during which you will be seen, heard and fully supported as you work your way first through three distinct, interconnected phases: Navigate Through the “Feels,” Create Epic Content, and Win the Right Stages.

    Here’s How The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator Works

    PHASE 1

    Navigate Through the “Feels”

    First 3 Group Coaching Calls

    When you become someone who doesn’t shirk stage fright, your ability to connect with your audiences is unparalleled.

    In Phase 1 of our group coaching, you will:

    • Prepare for visibility by amplifying your ability to be fully seen by in-person and virtual audiences.
    • Clear any blocks and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from stepping into the fullest expression of your moxie as a speaker, and from being clear, confident and compelling on stage and on camera.
    • Unlock your ‘secret sauce’ as a speaker, and clarify why you want to be speaking and the legacy you want to build.
    • Name the idea(s) you want to spread through your speaking.
    • Demystify how to use speaking to serve your specific business and career goals.

    PHASE 2

    Create Epic Content

    Second 5 Coaching Calls

    When you hone in on and pair your ideas with your voice, stories and persuasive evidence (inside a compelling structure), your presentations become a tour de force.

    In Phase 2 of our group coaching, you will create your signature presentation (or what I call “spotlight talk”). Between our weekly coaching sessions, you will work and play your way through Your Spotlight Talk (my comprehensive, value-laden online training for transformational speakers). Between the online video training and live coaching sessions, you will:

    • Curate your experiences, ideas, and unique speaking style into a transformational presentation that can work for both live AND online speaking engagements.
    • Select the right stories for your signature presentation to advance your ideas and connect powerfully with audiences.
    • Identify the presentation structure that serves your message and develop a detailed, flexible, working outline for your content.
    • Explore a proven formula for scriptwriting and editing on your feet to get material in your bones and consistently delivered. (Heads up: you will NOT just memorize a script!)
    • Develop filter questions to refine your speaking material so you can spot when content is exactly where it needs to be, when it needs support (i.e., research, anecdotes/examples or quotes), and when it needs to move to another location or be eliminated altogether.
    • Determine whether or not to use slides, props and video (and if you do, ensure they enhance rather than detract from your speaking).
    • Master the ability to have audiences nodding yes, crying, laughing and seeing you as the transformational leader you are.
    • Call audience members to action and use speaking to enroll them into ongoing coaching/business/learning opportunities with you. (You will master a highly customizable structure to do this with class and grace.)

    PHASE 3

    Win the Right Stages

    Final 3 Coaching Calls

    When you recognize and can articulate the value of your speaking, you pitch events and stages that once felt “out of your league” and have conference/association/event organizers, companies and colleges eager to book you to speak to their audiences.

    In Phase 3 of our group coaching work together, you will:

    • Select which live and virtual stages are right for your message and your business goals (i.e., association and industry conferences, corporate gigs, college orientations, TEDx and TED-style events, online business summits, etc.).
    • Discover a simple, effective process to do the research to find your desired speaking venues and the decision makers at them.
    • Learn how to create speaking pitches that rock. (Hint: you need a pitch and you also need a follow-up email series. You’ll develop both!)
    • Explore how to leverage each speaking gig to book future speaking opportunities.
    • Discover the key components of a speaker marketing kit (and how to create the necessary materials quickly and economically).

    PHASE 4

    The Spotlight MasterTreat *September 24 - 26, 2021

    Join Me LIVE for 3 full days of coaching in Las Vegas

    During this mastermind-meets-transformational speaking retreat, put everything you have learned during our 12 weeks into action.

    *Don’t feel comfortable attending the 2021 live event? No problem. You can transfer your ticket to a future live event. In the unlikely event a small live event cannot be held safely during these dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we reserve the right to postpone the event until a later date.



    The Culmination of 3 Months of Work and Play


    Held in Las Vegas, Nevada (a hotbed of convention and speaking activity), at The Spotlight MasterTreat you will step into the fullest expression of your moxie as a speaker. During this intimate, three-day event your will:

    • Present your ideas and speak from your ‘secret sauce’ in front of fellow participants.
    • Tell transformative stories. (You will leave with half a dozen stories to use in talks, keynotes, webinars and sales copy.)
    • Explore your vocal range and vocal variety to enhance your credibility, trust and persuasiveness when you speak.
    • Cultivate unshakeable stage presence and use authentic, persuasive, trust-building body language.
    • Call people to take action with you. (From making stage offers to enrolling audience members via elegant and effective sales calls, you will master my intuitive, soulful approach to persuasion.)
    • Unlock your authentic stage style and explore how to use your movement, non-verbal communication, clothing and accessories to make audience members adore and want to work with you.
    • Create an aggressive and achievable 90-day speaking business plan to transfer your learning from the Accelerator into ongoing success.

    Each attendee at The Spotlight MasterTreat will be placed in a supportive (socially distanced!) Coaching Circle with a small, consistent group of fellow attendees and 1-2 members of my mastermind. You will not only receive coaching and support from me, you will also be shepherded through the transformational weekend by your Coaching Circle leader(s).

    The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator experience includes experiential group coaching and training from approximately 8:30am-6:00pm each of the 3 days (September 24 - 26, 2021).

    (While the MasterTreat is almost a year away, attendees may be required to wear face masks over their mouths and noses and social distancing and hygiene measures will be strictly enforced. We will take periodic breaks throughout the days for participants to eat and drink independently. Travel expenses, accommodations, and meals are not included in the experience.)


    If you are not comfortable traveling to Las Vegas in September 2021 for The Spotlight MasterTreat, you may transfer your ticket to a live event in 2022. When you do attend, here’s what’s in store for you!

    The MasterTreat is where you will get on your feet, look your peers in the eyes, and put what you learn and do inside the Accelerator into an even deeper and more delicious practice. You will make important connections. You will get deeper learning, coaching and undoubtedly experience aha moments in the areas of performance, marketing and sales.

    You will laugh. You may cry. You will definitely have heaps of fun.

    There is an art to speaking, so much of which can be done virtually (and I’ll be forever grateful for that). However, important components (storytelling and presence especially) must be done, felt and practiced in person. This is why the Accelerator culminates in my signature event. I pour my heart and soul into this event, and I hope to see you there.

    The Spotlight MasterTreat is the Gorgeous Celebration of Your Work Inside the Accelerator and Your Springboard to Becoming a Soul-Stirring and Profitable Speaker

    Within 6-12 months of their attendance, past participants have:
    • Delivered international keynotes for groups of CEOs and female entrepreneurs
    • Published bestselling books
    • Hosted sold-out conferences
    • Secured top literary agents
    • Facilitated profitable corporate trainings
    • And delivered TEDx talks around the world

    Participants RAVE About The Spotlight MasterTreat!

    Let’s DO this!


    Develop that epic keynote (or signature presentation)


    Grow your business and platform


    Be the go-to authority in your industry


    Use your visibility to instigate positive social change

    Join The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator






    What You Can Accomplish in 90 Days with Alexia and The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator Community

    I created The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator to spare you the years of angst, stress, second-guessing and money worry that I experienced.

    Here’s what can happen when you shun busywork like the plague, pony up, and develop the mindset, skillset and relationships to be a transformational (and profitable) speaker!

    Uncomfortable with public speaking. (or if you are a seasoned speaker, afraid to bring your full self to the stage for fear it will harm your credibility)


    Through proven exercises, rituals and practices, be able to play nicely with the sensation that comes up around speaking and let it mold you into a vulnerable, trustworthy speaker who makes a massive impact on audiences.

    Trying to create game changing content and profitable speaking opportunities in a vacuum.


    Be seen and stretched by a masterful coach and mentor, in the company of peers who champion your success and offer support. (My clients frequently share/recommend opportunities to each other).

    Privileging “being an expert” over creating transformation for audiences.


    Create the presentation you were born to give that has audiences on the edge of their seats each time you give it.

    Don’t understand how (and/or are nervous) to monetize your speaking.


    Confidently plan and implement strategies to research, pitch and follow up with events and stages that match your business and speaking goals. And create classy offers that you love sharing (and that convert!).

    Longing to reach new audiences and expand your thought leadership.


    Expand your vision of what’s possible for you as a speaker in terms of presence, revenue generation and legacy.


    “I knew that speaking was a strength of mine, but I wasn’t really sure how to get on bigger stages or monetize it. I was at a Toastmasters level. A mentor of mine, who had done a program with Alexia, had been talking her up for over a year. She had literally told me, “Lex is going to change your life.” So, when enrollment for The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator opened, I knew I was going to join.

    Lex is absolutely masterful at helping each person take their millions of words and ideas and condense them into one clear, succinct “idea worth spreading.” By the end of the program, you walk away with a presentation that can serve you in many different ways – as a signature keynote, workshop/training, as a session for an online conference or for an influencer interview. Lex guided each of us in the program to take our one big idea and ensure that all of our intellectual property (IP) emanates from it.

    The Spotlight MasterTreat brought everything from the 3-months of the Accelerator together. We didn’t just talk about presenting our talks, we also talked about pitching, business strategy, and making offers. I left with a business plan – that I’m still working 6 months later. What I loved about the MasterTreat is that I had the opportunity to practice doing all of the things I learned in the program – the scary things – in a safe environment. I also made a lot of awesome relationships. If you want to level up, you have to surround yourself with people who are where you want to go – or who are on the same train heading in the same direction you want to go. And that was definitely true of the women in the program.

    Alexia is a brilliant coach, intuitive mentor and wordsmith. As a psychologist, I’ve seen a lot of people connect with their clients and pull out of them their gifts. I’ve done it myself. But I have NEVER seen anyone as gifted as Lex. I was able to spit out my ideas, that were often only semi-coherent, and she would reflect back to me, in such a concise way, something brilliant. She really, really listens.

    Since The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator, I’ve been invited and spoken at a number of conferences, online summits, and done radio interviews. And because I’m now so clear on my message and platform, each opportunity leads to more invitations – and I’m really getting known in the family and parenting space.

    This program helped me profoundly with my business. I clarified who I help and how I help them. I created persuasive website copy. And above all, I now communicate with confidence to prospective clients what I do and what I stand for.

    I grew so much in ways that never would have happened if I had just bought a course with weekly calls. The group coaching calls in the Accelerator alone were worth 5 x’s what I paid for. I learned not only from Lex’s direct coaching of me but also from watching her coach others. There wasn’t one call I was on with her that I didn’t get overwhelmingly more than I expected… because she is so brilliant.

    Lex really is a world-class coach."

    Dr. Lynyetta Willis
    Speaker, Psychologist, Family Coach and Author


    “Alexia has this uncanny ability to see straight into your core talent, and help you bring that out in a way that is unique, special and feels amazing. I’ve been coached by some “high end” coaches and had never seen this before. She cares more about her clients than any coach I’ve worked with, she’s bursting at the seams with knowledge about the speaking industry, and knows how to draw your best material out of you and help you shape it so you can put it out into the world in a way that connects with people (which drives results!). I cannot emphasize enough how valuable and life changing the opportunity to work with her is.”

    Stefanie Frank
    Copywriter and TEDx Speaker


    “Working with Alexia was phenomenal. Even though I was comfortable teaching in front of groups, I definitely wasn't fully comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I knew I wanted to "find my voice," get cozy in my skin while on stage, and weave in the ability to tell stories for greater impact with my message. My time with Alexia provided me with that...and so much more.”

    Christina Ambubuyog,
    Founder of and TEDx Speaker


    “With Alexia's help, my speaking evolved into that of a woman who is vulnerable, yet articulate and inspirational. I use my Moxie skills to lead workshops with entire school communities, speak at national conferences, inspire others to articulate their individual core values, and make a difference. With continued guidance and support from Alexia I know that I am on the right path to changing the world one school at a time with the power of my voice!”

    Sandi Herrera
    CEO, Got Core Values and TEDx Speaker


    “I had been speaking to audiences for over a decade but had more to learn. From my first class in, I knew that Alexia's course was going to take me to places I have never been. Alexia is definitely in her "zone of genius." She has a compassionate yet powerful, unforgettable way of delivering advice and wisdom. I am forever grateful to Alexia for allowing me the opportunity to learn, cry, share, grow, and expand as a speaker and a human being. I now believe, without a doubt, that my voice has the power to make a difference and help others feel good on this journey through life.”

    Heather Criswell
    Author, Speaker, Founder of


    “Since completing Alexia’s life changing program, I got clear on my story and message to the world, spoke at a global changemaker event at the World Bank and landed not one but TWO TEDx talks ( was voted favorite speaker at one of them!). This was all within just 12 months of signing up for her virtual program. I am now invited to speak at major events all over the world (including at the United Nations). Coming from a corporate and legal background, my speaking style used to be very matter-of-fact (i.e., stiff). Alexia’s Spotlight program was exactly what I needed to craft and deliver my presentations in an authentic voice and a style that suits me, and I still go back to some of my favorite modules whenever I have a big speaking gig coming up to refresh.”

    Varelie Croes
    Chief Innovation Officer at Government of Aruba and TEDx Speaker


    “Working with Alexia Vernon, attending her retreats, and using the techniques she shares in her courses have been game-changing for me. Seriously, she's helped me grow my speaking career in ways I never thought were possible, and she is like no other teacher in this field. Most teachers are good at delivering information, but not many are skilled at facilitating transformation in their students. It takes a gifted teacher with a lot of heart… and Lex most certainly did that for me. Lex has been instrumental in helping me up my speaking game, and the leaps and bounds that my speaking has taken in the past year are truly astonishing.”

    Gabriela Pereira
    Author, Speaker and Founder of DIY MFA


    Signing up for The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator was one of the best things I’ve done for my business and my speaking skills.  Lex has an uncanny ability to understand what you mean and help you express yourself eloquently and with clarity.  My confidence as a speaker has soared, and I now have a speech that beautifully showcases my business and my work.  The warm and supportive community I found with Lex and my Accelerator sisters was icing on the cake!"

    Jo Ann Kobuke, M.Ed.
    Founder of Midlife Rewritten

    Join Now and Enjoy These Bonuses!


    Join Alexia for Classy
    Sales Camp

    ($750 VALUE)
    Deadline is November 20, 2020 at 5:00 pm pacific


    On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm pacific, join Alexia and fellow early bird Accelerator members on Zoom for her Classy Sales Camp. During this experiential virtual day, Alexia will support participants to embolden their sales skills and refine their speaking/business marketing messages. Through a mix of teaching, role playing and masterminding, participants will leave this day 100 percent equipped with the mindset, strategy, phrasing and confidence to move prospective clients, event organizers, meeting planners and corporate leaders to say YES to their requests for speaking, training, consulting and coaching opportunities.


    Your Signature Offering
    Master Class

    ($400 VALUE)
    Deadline is November 20, 2020 at 5:00 pm pacific

    Whether you are an entrepreneur, an author, or a business or community leader, if you want your speaking to translate to clients, book sales, or funding, it’s critical that you know your signature offering FIRST – and then design your signature presentation to effortlessly funnel audience members toward it. That’s why in this 2-hour, experiential virtual master class (conducted on Zoom), I’ll show you the step-by-step process I use with my executive and mastermind clients to create, price, and position their signature offerings. While the master class will be taped, if you are able to attend LIVE, you’ll receive oodles of feedback and laser coaching – and have an opportunity to connect with your Accelerator cohort. The master class will be held on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 from 9:00am-11:00am pacific.


    Private Coaching
    with Alexia

    ($500 VALUE)
    If I did standalone 1-on-1 sessions, which I don’t!

    After you complete the Accelerator, if you pay in full, we’ll jam together on Zoom (and the session will be taped) so you can hone the delivery of your talk, tweak your speaker marketing copy, or to focus on any other speaking/business/thought leadership issue of your choosing). This is your time to have 100 percent of my attention on your speaking, business, and thought leadership goals.


    Step into Your Moxie® Certification 

    ($2500 VALUE )

    I know, I know, I’m giving you an INSANE amount of bonuses if you join the 2021 Accelerator program – and this one, for sure, is particularly juicy! As a 2021 Accelerator member, you will have the opportunity to complete my new Step into Your Moxie® Certification program in 2021 or 2022 – your choice.

    Designed for coaches, trainers, therapists, activists, and HR and sales leaders who want to master the pedagogy, practices, and tools I’ve developed into the Step into Your Moxie® vocal empowerment system, upon completion of the Certification program, you will be able to develop and amplify the voices of your people.

    You will possess the mindset, skillset, and plug and play curriculum to show clients (or employees) how to walk into any room, conversation, or stage and be able to speak up for themselves, their ideas, their companies, and call people to action.

    You will be able to integrate your Certification into your existing development programs or into new coaching, training, retreat, and mastermind programs you lead in-person or virtually.

    Clients Have HUGE Breakthroughs in My Group Programs!


    I enrolled in The Spotlight Accelerator because I was told by a mentor that speaking from stage would be a powerful tactic for me to spread my message and fill my pipeline for coaching clients. It was one of the best business decisions I've ever made.

    Lex is a true professional who knows her craft as well as her industry. She's also an empathetic, compassionate coach and mentor who creates an incredibly safe space for women to take risks and to grow. Not only did I clarify my message and create a true idea worth spreading during this program, but during the coaching calls and the MasterTreat in Vegas, I met a group of amazing, inspiring women, many of whom have become my friends. Week after week, Lex introduced us to different aspects of speaking (and earning while doing it!), and my confidence grew exponentially.

    In October I gave my first talk to more than a thousand women in Nashville. I got a standing ovation, and it was one of the most fulfilling moments of my adult life. I'm 100% hooked on speaking. And I'm also 100% hooked on Lex.

    If you're thinking about adding speaking to your mix, don't miss this chance. I can't imagine a more supportive, informative, step-by-step entree into such a life-changing skill. Nor can I imagine a coach/mentor who is more invested in the success of her students.”

    Juju Hook
    Author of Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis and Founder of the PrimeTime Posse


    I enrolled in The Spotlight Accelerator program because I wanted to break myself out of the rut of mediocrity. Things were fine, but I had this deep sense that there was something more I could achieve. I just didn’t know how to go after it, and The Spotlight Accelerator seemed like a good place to start! What I walked away with was so much more than I had anticipated or dared to hope was possible. Not only did I find my voice (that I previously had nor realized was missing) but I also crystalized and clarified my message, my purpose and most importantly, my why. I attribute much of my success in my coaching and speaking business to Alexia – and I also credit her for sparking massive amounts of personal development and growth for me. Her warmth, compassion and ability to gently but firmly call me out and move me out of my own way is a gift that literally keeps on giving!"

    Lora Cheadle
    Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Author and Life Choreographer®


    “Alexia approached my TEDx talk with patience, sensitivity, and understanding, all while holding me accountable. I wouldn't have been able to convert my traumatic tale into a story of hope and redemption without her.

    Since working with Alexia I have been a beacon of hope for other sex violence survivors, seen an increase in my life-coaching business, and even secured a top speaking agent.”

    Toshia Shaw
    Founder, Purple W.I.N.G.S., Keynote and TEDx Speaker


    “I knew Alexia’s program was going to help me figure out how to put together a talk - rather than be just another program on how to use speaking to grow your business. Alexia's video trainings and digital downloads were EXTREMELY helpful. I listened to every word...a few times! Alexia provides coaching, guidance and mentorship on not just your content but also on how to find your speaking style and master your delivery. Less than 6 months after completing the training (and then joining Alexia for her MasterTreat), I pitched myself, was picked and was standing on stage delivering a TEDx talk at TEDxWilmingtonSalon. For anyone considering enrolling in this program, know that you will NEVER find a better mentor or coach when it comes to crafting a TED-style talk, or any talk, than Alexia. She is a rare find. My confidence as a speaker has gone from zilch to..."Hey, I can really do this, AND do it well.”

    Chris Darling
    Mental Health Advocate and TEDx Speaker


    “I was initially attracted to Alexia because of her authentic and genuine presence. I instantaneously felt trust, and I knew I found a mentor that would help me refine my unique speaking style. The videos and handouts in Your Spotlight Talk offered immediate value. And observing Alexia’s presence, voice and style on camera in the videos was an invaluable experience. What I found especially helpful were the modules on structuring a talk and the vocal exercises. My public speaking confidence skyrocketed after taking the virtual program and then attending The Spotlight MasterTreat. Alexia has a special talent in helping you identify the slightest changes in how you use words to make your message even clearer. And during The Spotlight MasterTreats (I came back!), I got to observe Alexia’s feedback to other participants and truly respect how she recognizes each person’s unique personality and delivery style.”

    Edita Atteck


    “I naturally have speaking skills, so I thought that once I grew my business enough, opportunities would fly my way. Yes, now I know you have to seek those opportunities actively. And Lex has her system down—and it works. And Lex goes that extra mile with her personalized attention. There is no reason to look elsewhere. If you want to speak, not just to do it, but to truly move an audience, Lex is your gal.”

    Saren Stiegel
    Founder/CEO, The Glow Effect


    “Alexia brings a unique blend of skill, knowledge and perception. She is brilliant at helping you find your voice and articulate your message, strategic in teaching you the "how to" of launching a speaking business, and wise and compassionate in coaching you through the inevitable mindset gremlins that want to keep you playing small. She inspires you to believe in yourself, turn setbacks into opportunities, and above all, keep going! When it comes to the many facets of speaking, Lex is the real deal.”

    Jean Haynes
    Career and Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Coach


    “Within 2 months of working with Alexia, I had applied and been selected to give a TEDxWomen talk. I’ve booked a variety of prestigious keynotes since. I have been featured on media including PBS, ABC, CBS,, have built influential relationships with colleagues and corporations, and I’m enjoying freelance writing and consulting opportunities. Not only did Lex help me craft and deliver passionate, purposeful and persuasive presentations, but she has also brought focus and peace to my professional career (and to the rest of my life). Because of Lex’s holistic approach to speaking, business and life, I became a better mother, wife and Dietitian. I practice more self-care, and I spend less time working but accomplish my goals more efficiently and at a better quality. I’m very glad I have had the opportunity to work with Lex and all of the other great leaders in our community.”

    Clancy Cash Harrison, MS, RDN, FAND
    Author, Speaker and Food Justice Advocate

    Join The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator






    I’m not sure about the investment. How do I know I’ll make it back?

    Transformational speaking has been the backbone of my business that generates multiple-six figures per year in revenue. If you want to use speaking to connect with individual or organizational clients, add a new source of revenue to your existing business income or build a platform that reaches tens of thousands, my coaching and mentorship will give you the know-how, the resources and the mindset to make back your investment (many, many, many times over).

    While I can’t (and won’t) guarantee your exact earnings, I can tell you that my clients and program participants experience big shifts (and equally big results) through our work together. 

    With average keynote rates for new speakers at $5000 USD, and with a formula (through the Accelerator) to use speaking to enroll audience members into your individual, group or organizational programs, consider how one speaking engagement (or 1-2 new audience members who sign-on to work with you) could enable you to make back your investment. And then, how you could continue to profit from your investment... again. And again. And again.

    This is not a shiny object program filled with busywork that makes flimsy, cringe-worthy promises. And I am certainly not an overnight success. For any value laden program to work, you need to have in mind your immediate goals (this is absolutely why this program is designed in a 90 day format) and also the big picture.

    What I can tell you for sure is, if you show up fully to this program and put in the work, it will not take you nearly as long to see financial success as it took me.

    My Journey


    I am grateful for my successes as a speaker, speaking coach and thought leader. The White House Office of Public Engagement named me a “Moxie Maven” for my unique and effective approach to women’s empowerment. I’ve spoken at the United Nations during the Commission on the Status of Women. My INBOUND presentation received a full audience standing ovation (and encore presentation). And in 2018, I published my book, Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence, with New World Library and Penguin Random House Audio. 

    I want you to know that I’ve worked hard (and more recently really really smart) to get to where I am. And I am about as far as you can get from an “overnight success” story. The first time I gave a speech in elementary school, I barely got my words out, and my classmates laughed. This started a painfully long season in my life where I was terrified to speak in public. My public speaking career began (rather unexpectedly) at age 19 when I won the Miss Junior America competition. I used my platform to launch a nonprofit girls' leadership organization in my community, and I spent the rest of my college years speaking in front of audiences and teaching a generation of young women just behind me how to own their voices and speak with power. (Vulnerable share: I felt like such a bloody imposter during this time, for every time I got in front of an audience I was still petrified of speaking!)

    Without formal speaking training or mentors to learn from, the fear of public speaking I experienced as a kid became darn near crippling—despite the outward appearance of success.

    After stints as an actor, nonprofit leader and adjunct professor of public speaking, women’s studies and theatre, I enrolled in a coach training program. The more I coached and taught my students, the more I learned how to play nicely with the sensation I experienced as a speaker. I stopped hustling for audience approval and started speaking my way… without formulas. And usually, without fancy pants slide decks. And I knew that I needed to show other emerging and seasoned speakers how to do the same.

    It took me a long, long, long, long time to figure out the methods that aligned with my values for creating multiple streams of speaking revenue.

    • When I started my business, I would make $5-10K one month… and then a few hundred dollars the next few months.
    • I was constantly enrolling in classes and coaching programs that were supposed to help me figure out why I wasn’t earning more money and holding onto the money I was earning. Few did.
    • As a result of my seemingly never ending professional development, it wasn’t uncommon for me to spend more money on my speaking business than I made from it. (Yup, my business was a very expensive hobby for years.)

    At the root of my struggle, which manifested as sadness, frustration, diminishing self-worth, and at times crippling anxiety was lack of clarity about what I really wanted (and how to make it happen my way). What I lacked, above all else, was a mentor. Someone who had built the kind of business I wanted and who could reunite me with my own intuition and faith in myself. It took me 7 years to finally put on my big girl panties and invest in my business and speaking success by working with the right coaches and mentors. What I know now is that it doesn’t have to take anywhere near this long. With the right support, on the business and content creation side of speaking (as well as to navigate through all “the feels” and fall in love with the visibility and influence that comes with speaking), it’s easy for smart business owners and innovative thought leaders to create and sustain multiple streams of speaking revenue much, much, much, much sooner.

    You see, hotshot speakers are not born.

    They develop their craft alongside trusted coaches, mentors and peers, put in the elbow grease to achieve their goals, and they trust themselves wholeheartedly.

    When it comes to using speaking to grow your business and thought leadership:

    • You can work hard and set a heck of a lot of intentions. But unless you have the tools and the willingness to face resistance when it comes up (and it will - every time you take a step along the path of growth), you may get stuck constantly changing speaking topics, giving lackluster performances, or simply saying “I’m not ready.”
    • You can be pretty darn awesome at creating and delivering content (hey hotshot, the crowds love ya), but if you don’t learn how to make your speaking profitable, you could tumble into the trap of under earning. And if you’re anything like me, your worthiness as a speaker will take a big hit.
    • You can be a successful speaker, with plenty of gigs and even getting paid to speak, but if you aren’t vigilant, you could find yourself labeled the “expert,” stalled in a niche that was fine at first, but now feels more educational than transformational.

    Whether you are the quintessential bootstrapper trying to learn and grow on your own, the avid learner who “goes to all the conferences,” or the established expert who hasn’t yet unlocked your “secret sauce” as a transformational speaker, at some point if you’re serious about being a successful speaker you’ll need to decide to do what thought leaders you admire have done: 

    Step into your moxie and buff up the mindset and skills to speak your way to greater business (and personal) success!

    Stages My Clients and I Have Graced


    Here’s a Recap of Everything You Receive When You Join The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator!


    January 27, 2021 – April 14, 2021

    **We will take off March 31, 2021 for a Spring Break.

    Dynamic, highly interactive sessions that kick off with my renowned (and holistic) speaker training, and then move into coaching with individual participants. Depending on the session, there will be opportunities for workshopping speaking content, presenting excerpts of presentations, and crowdsourcing feedback on pitches and marketing plans. Participate on video or via the phone.

    All coaching sessions will be recorded and made available within 2 business days of recording.


     September 24 - 26, 2021

    During this one-of-a-kind mastermind-meets-transformational speaking retreat, you will practice your speaking, heighten your presence and delivery, further develop and refine your speaking action plan, receive the support of a Coaching Circle leader, watch inspirational speaking performances, and build mutually beneficial relationships with fellow Accelerator members.

    Don’t want to attend the event in September 2021? No problem. Transfer your ticket to a 2022 live event.


    In our beautiful membership portal, watch videos (including the 4 modules comprising my Your Spotlight Talk program), devise speaking and marketing content, participate in meditations, and utilize done-for-you resources (e.g., presentation outlines, sample pitches/pitch sequences and speaker marketing materials). You will have Lifetime Access to all of the virtual materials in Membership for as
    long as I run the Accelerator program.


    In our private Facebook Group you’ll get to mastermind with your fellow SSA community members and ask me questions that come up between coaching sessions!


    “I’ve got one word for Alexia. “Masterful.” She is so talented and powerful in the most caring yet direct way. She sees right through our inner nonsense and calls us forward while calling us out on where we can grow. Watching Alexia facilitate The Spotlight MasterTreat gave me a ton of ideas for how to incorporate speaking, workshops and retreats in my future!!!

    More than any other experience for my professional or personal growth, working with Alexia in Your Spotlight Talk and The Spotlight MasterTreat has blown me away from start to finish. She is incredible at what she does and her unparalleled professionalism is both inspiring and completely genuine.”

    Marcie Mauro
    Mindset Expert, Speaker, Intuitive


    “I started this year knowing I wanted support to grow my voice and business. As soon as I watched Lex’s webinar, I knew it would be exactly what I needed. The content, structure and Lex’s vast experience in the speaking world provided a powerful container. Her coaching of me, and the other participants, was a gift and helped me to finally clarify the core of my message. She helped me to take my stories and transition them into powerful questions that really helped me connect with my audience. I gave my first spotlight talk a month after the MasterTreat, and it was a hit! I drew in ideal clients and the revenue I made covered my entire investment. I’ve worked with many coaches, but it’s rare to have a coach that is as comprehensive and clear as Lex. If you want to speak and grow your business, The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator is an amazing program to help you feel fully held and guided to take the stage and shine your light.”

    Sweta Chawla, Pharm D, MS
    Author, Speaker and Success Coach


    “As someone who has done frequent public speaking throughout the course of my career, I have never been intimidated by the idea of public speaking, but Alexia's approach has completely changed my way of thinking. She has really enabled me to amp up my game. I now have the confidence and the right approach to connect with an audience in a completely new way. She gave me a realistic framework with which to organize my thoughts and work through the crafting of my talk in a methodical way. At the same time, I had a ton of freedom to adapt the lessons to my own style and needs. The videos are incredibly comprehensive and are very easy to access. Alexia shares a ton of her own personal experiences, which makes the content and lessons feel totally accessible. And since completing the experience, in less than a year, I've spoken at Workforce Live and Worktech15 in San Francisco, SHRM chapters, multiple Rotary meetings, I emceed a fundraising gala for a nonprofit I support and… I delivered a TEDx talk. I highly recommend Alexia's courses and personal coaching if you're looking to unlock your own potential. Your expectations will be exceeded!”

    Rebecca Weaver
    HR Disruptor, Entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker


    “Before working with Alexia, my confidence slipped away when I was the center of attention, and I never spoke to a crowd without notes. Yet I secretly yearned to inspire. Alexia’s Spotlight programs were the keys to me taking the TEDx stage. While still completing her Your Spotlight Talk program I auditioned for a TEDx event (and killed it!), and just a few months later I was standing center stage delivering my TEDx talk. The beautifully produced videos that comprise her programs are thorough but don't overwhelm - and Alexia provides a crucial speaking model throughout. From my experiences with Alexia I felt prepared for my TEDx event because I knew EXACTLY what to expect from the process. Alexia is honest and practical. She holds you accountable and pushes you to grow as a speaker while leading you to birth the most transformational version of your talk.”

    Adria DeCorte
    Clarity and Visibility Coach and TEDx Speaker


    “What initially drew me to Alexia’s Your Spotlight Talk was Lex's brilliance. I knew her outside of just her speaking/teaching world, and I was drawn immediately to her wisdom and caring way. I honestly think I would have bought anything she offered. When I completed her program, it was just before I was to do a big speaking gig in Dallas at Off The Charts, and I'm not sure what I would have done without it. Lex's clear instruction and delivery was just what I was looking for to talk me off my fear-ledge. By following Lex's formula, I felt so good about my talk. And...IT WENT BRILLIANTLY. Trust. In. Lex.”

    Sara Bradford
    Founder, Nourish Real Food


    “As a university biology lecturer, this experience definitely helped me see how I can easily fall into the over teaching trap. I enrolled because I have taken Lex’s other offerings, presented at TEDx Imperial College London, and then wanted to take my background in science and fear research to a non-academic audience, primarily of women entrepreneurs and leaders. Lex’s program helped to reinforce the absolute necessity to create experiences that are learner focused and this has impacted both my non-academic and academic teaching/facilitating! Lex is extremely balanced in her delivery. I participated in the coaching calls and they were great. From my work with Lex, it has become clear that one of the reasons I resonate so well with her style is her ability to delicately bridge the space between feminine delivery, evidence based information, light hearted presence, and comedic performance for business content.”

    Mary Poffenroth, M.S.
    University Lecturer, Speaker and Fear Workshop Facilitator

    kelly taylor headshot

    "Prior to attending Lex's The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator, I had worked on developing a body of content, but I really had no idea how to structure a powerful speech. The speeches I had done in my corporate life were written word for word, but it never felt natural to speak them. In the Accelerator, I learned three different structures which provided me with clarity on how best to convey my message. And Lex's "walk & talk" method of speech writing was so refreshing. It gave me a sense of freedom. I was no longer just "writing" my speech, but I was physically engaged in the creative process.”

    Kelly Taylor
    Creator, The New Game of Crones


    “I attended one of Lex's MasterTreat weekends and benefited immediately from her uncanny ability to ask important questions, probe deeply and stretch me as a speaker and thought leader. Working with Lex, I critically examined and refined my speaking skills and learned to hone my abilities to successfully deliver my "idea worth spreading" into a variety of forms including a TEDx talk, workshops and keynotes I have facilitated locally, nationally and internationally for renowned professional associations and business groups. Lex also partnered with me as I created a book proposal which was promptly picked up by a literary agent. (And I was offered representation by multiple top agents in Canada, where I live!) Working with Lex is an adventure and a gift I would highly recommend you give yourself!”

    Kathy Kortes-Miller
    Palliative Care Educator, Author and TEDx Speaker

    This wacky, wonderful world we live in… it needs your voice. It needs your wisdom. It needs YOU. And if you KNOW that speaking is the ideal way for YOU to do this, you also know that NOW is the time to create the business (and leave the legacy) you desire. So let’s make your speaking dreams a reality… together!

    Join The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator



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    Learn More

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator is a full on coaching experience. Unlike other courses or programs you may have enrolled in, The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator is not a virtual online course where every module is pre-recorded with a couple of live calls sprinkled in where you show up to ask questions (and maybe get them answered). It is a delicious blend of virtual LIVE group coaching calls, dynamite online video training (during the Create Epic Content phase, you will work your way through my Your Spotlight Talk program - a program that has launched many many speakers from hot mess to hotshot), and a LIVE, IN PERSON, 3 day experience with me and your peers, where you will get on your feet and put what you’ve created during our 90 days together into action. During our coaching calls you will be seen, heard and fully supported as you work your way first through three distinct, interconnected phases: Navigate Through the “Feels,” Create Epic Content, and Win the Right Stages. During The Spotlight MasterTreat, you will be immersed in mastering the craft of transformational speaking, and you’ll leave feeling absolutely clear about your next steps and empowered to keep moving forward.

    Your Satisfaction (and Success!) is My Top Priority

    14 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100 percent satisfied with The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator, for the first 14-days from the first coaching call (until February 10, 2021) we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply email us all of your completed assignments, and your full investment will be refunded to you.

    Please note: This is not an online course; it is a full on coaching program, where I am ALL IN with you. Which means I only want serious folks who are committed to showing up fully for themselves and for our community. This is not a program for dabblers. Please don’t sign up just to “check it out.” There are no refunds for those who enroll and decide not to start the program!


    “I enrolled in Alexia's Accelerator program, having read her book and followed her on social media. So I knew we'd jive well and I'd learn from her. But I had no idea just how much I'd learn! This was an intense program, with high expectations and lots of output. I completed the class in April. In June, I submitted a two-minute video for my first TEDx talk. Three weeks later, I was invited to submit an 8 minute video. Two weeks later, I'm officially preparing for my first TEDx talk! I breezed through the audition process because of the specific techniques Alexia taught me. I've been receiving speaker coaching from the TEDx team in preparation for the live event, and all of them have remarked on how prepared I am and how clearly I communicate my ideas. Working with Alexia was an excellent investment in myself and my career. If you put in the work, you learn A TON, and you come away fully equipped to execute your plan. I got exactly what I wanted.”

    Elena Joy Thurston
    Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Retreat Leader and Writer


    “My TEDxWomen talk was the first public speech I'd ever given—the first! I almost didn't audition because of my lack of experience. After I was chosen, Alexia worked with me and I learned how to deliver my talk in a way that let my personality shine through. My confidence as a speaker went though the roof with Alexia's coaching.

    Since giving that speech, I've been interviewed by numerous media outlets and many more speaking opportunities have emerged.”

    Danielle Ford
    Creative Marketing Strategist and TEDx Speaker


    “Alexia's coaching was very helpful for my first big talk, which happened on a TEDx stage. It allowed me to find my voice as both a professional and woman. It gave my ideas validity to a wider audience, increased my confidence, and pushed me to make a place in my community.

    Alexia's guidance was so amazing I signed up for her public speaking coaching program. Through Alexia's thoughtful feedback I can now not only speak about professional subject matter to an audience but personal topics as well.”

    Jackie Jensen
    Community Evangelist at @Piktochart and TEDx Speaker


    “Working with Alexia is a must for anyone wanting to put themselves in front of audiences to build their business. She really gives you concrete, results-oriented strategies as well as know-how to master the delivery of your material.”

    Licia Morelli
    Psychic, Speaker, Coach and Author, The Lemonade Hurricane



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