Step Into Your Moxie

As I rose from my chair, I could feel sweat collecting at my temples and in my armpits. My chest thumped so quickly I was sure the room of my colleagues could hear it. As I uttered, “Welcome,” my voice began to quaver and I tried to put my attention equally on suppressing my desire to cry and reviewing everything I had learned in my public speaking classes in high school and college. Speak directly to each person in the room. Take a deep breath between sentences. Use your hands to bring your message from your body to your audience.  But all I could bring to mind was a vision of my fourth grade self—standing at the front of my classroom—drooling and slurring words as I tried to get through my first current events report. I’m twenty-three years old chairing a friggin staff meeting, I chided myself. I’ve spoken to thousands of people as a motivational speaker. I should have this. But I didn’t.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt so nervous you thought surely you’d vomit in your mouth?

Does the thought of conflict feel like a machete going straight into your heart?

Have you ever wanted to share how you were feeling but kept mum for fear of ruffling feathers and being disliked?

Do you have a powerful story or message you’re yearning to get out in the form of a keynote, seminar or workshop?

Are you ready to stop the 24-7 chatter in your head so that you can hear your authentic voice and take deliberate and successful action from it?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Particularly if you are a woman.

Although women have bypassed men in college attendance and graduation, we’ve still got a LONG way to go, baby.  We’re 47% of the paid labor force, yet us gals are making a piddly $.75-$.79—depending on which survey you’re down with—to the dollar for equal work. We hold JUST 15% of executive officer and board positions. 1/6 of us have survived sexual abuse. 99.999999% of us look in the mirror and see what’s wrong rather than what’s right.

But rather than focus on the problem, I’m hungry to focus on the solution. That’s where  Step Into Your Moxie comes in. It’s comprised of one-on-one virtual speaking coaching and private VIP days for women and men who are ready to listen to their inner voice, sculpt their powerful messages and speak with power and impact each and every time they open their mouths.

So What the Heck is “Moxie”?

Originally patented as medicine in 1876 by Dr. Augustin Thompson, by 1884 it was bottled as our nation’s first soft-drink and served at soda fountains for people who wanted to be endowed with “rugged individualism.” It’s still available from specialty soda vendors today, though now moxie is thought of more as a quality than a beverage. It is synonymous with being daring, having courage and taking risks. There is even a Moxie Girlz doll for young women who want “Positive attitude and confidence. The courage to go for it. Energy in everything you do.”

Although there is no shortage of women and men who have modeled moxie—or products promising to imbue us with the stuff—for the next generation, stepping into our moxie isn’t necessarily easier today than it was just over 100 years ago.

How I Roll

I’ve discovered through my own speaking journey, from working with my women’s studies and public speaking students and through coaching and leading trainings for thousands of women and men that while I can “teach” what “good” communication looks like, simply learning what “to do” rarely creates and sustains change. I can most impact the people I work with by partnering with them to establish where they want to be in their communication and then work backwards with them to develop the mindset, skills, behaviors–and most importantly–personal story of self that is necessary to close the gap.

With over 10-years experience as a public speaker and educator living and teaching heart-centered, high-impact communication principles, I’m committed to helping you find your authentic voice, sculpt your dynamic message and share your power with the world.

If you don’t feel like you have fully embraced your moxie and are finally ready to let go of the reasons—ahem—excuses, real and self-imposed, let’s jam together. We can explore how to:

  • Dynamize your networking (i.e., develop your 15-30 second introduction, create your arsenal of juicy questions, rehearse the art of “moxie talk”—formerly known as “small talk”—and practice using body language that fosters connection and collaboration)
  • Spruce up your interviewing (i.e., figure out your best response to “Tell me about yourself,” construct winning answers to questions you are likely to be asked, avoid top interviewing pitfalls and develop your secret weapon to make any employer or client eager to have you)
  • Rehearse for a negotiation (i.e., structure how to make your ask—and get super clear on exactly what you’re asking for, distinguish what each key player needs from what they want, learn how to make everyone feel like they have the upper hand and decide if/how to “walk away” so that it leaves the door open)
  • Craft the “difficult” conversation you have been avoiding with your honey, supervisor, child, friend or _____ (i.e., Ask that someone to “step up or step back”, articulate the boundaries you want to be upholding, give actionable feedback or speak your heart without inciting conflict or damaging a treasured relationship)
  • Facilitate on time meetings that people can’t wait to attend because they have fun AND get action items accomplished (We can take a look at the particular dynamics of your staff, board, association or PTA meeting)

And my most popular offerings…

  • Birth presentations, workshops and/or keynotes that highlight your WOW Factor and over deliver on audience expectations
  • Develop an authentic and winning media presence (i.e., Craft snappy and engaging talking points, rehearse your interview responses, develop on-camera banter, gain control over your non-verbal communication and demystify the media experience)

Step Into Your Moxie: The Breakthrough Strategy Session

How does it work?

It’s easy peasy. You say, “Heck yeah, I’m ready to step into my moxie as a communicator!” and you book yourself a 1.5 hour Skype or telephone session with me. The price is $497. 

Keep in mind that you’re NOT paying for your time with me. You’re investing in the big moves you will bust in your communication AFTER our playtime together!

My Promise

The Breakthrough Strategy Session is 100% yourtime. You set the agenda–what you want to take away with respect to your communication or presentation skills. I take care of getting you toward the results you seek by empowering you to develop the mindset, behaviors, habits, strategies, tactics, messaging and action plan. While there are NO refunds for The Breakthrough Strategy Session after purchasing, if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied, at the end of it you let me know exactly why it didn’t rock your world and then and only then you get 100% of your money back. (Note: If you are thinking about why our time together won’t blow your mind, though, it probably means The Breakthrough Strategy Session isn’t a good fit for you! My moxie gals (and guys) see results because they show up ready to. And they understand that this short-term investment in themselves is a lifetime investment in their communication abilities and personal and professional success.)

Next Steps

After payment is received, within 2-business days you will receive via the email you purchased from an invitation from TimeTrade—my scheduling software—to book The Breakthrough Strategy Session within the next 30-days. Second, you will receive directly from me a questionnaire to return up to 48-hours before our session so that I can show up clear on what you’re looking to take away. If for any reason you are not able to take advantage of The Breakthrough Strategy Session, you can transfer it to another person free of a service charge.

So, what’s it going to be?

More of the fear, self-doubt, “hard” work and incomplete action steps that keep you talking small?

Or, are you ready to take a leap of ferocious faith and awaken to your powerful message, learn how to sculpt it and accept your responsibility—as someone who has the time and ability to even contemplate stepping into your moxie—to share it with the world?!

Are you looking for more in-depth work on your public speaking skills?

I work with C-suite executives, TV personalities, TEDx speakers, community and business leaders, trainers, and entrepreneurs to step into their power as communicators, presenters, and media experts.

Consider one of the following individual programs which begin at $1495.


Step Into Your Moxie: Birth Your Keynote or Signature Offering

While in The Breakthrough Session we can develop the template for a presentation, TED-style talk, keynote or workshop, if you are looking for a partner to take you through every step of the process–from finding your core message, to developing your content, i.e., bringing in the perfect blend of stories, examples, testimony and engaging activities, to sculpting compelling calls to action, to presenting or facilitating with power and impact, to connecting with meeting planners, HR directors, etc. to build your speaking career, it will take additional Moxie sessions to make it happen. To explore how we can co-create your one-of-a-kind offering, and if appropriate, develop your customized strategy for getting you booked and paid as a speaker, contact to set-up a 15-minute Q & A call.

Step Into Your Moxie: Media Face Time

In order to be the go-to person in your field with TV media, it’s vital both to develop the messaging and presence to connect with your TV audience. While in The Breakthrough Session we can begin to get you comfortable on camera or spruce up your talking points for a specific interview, you will most likely want to invest in a series of Moxie sessions in order to become an on-camera rockstar. During Step Into Your Moxie Face Time sessions, you can get support in co-creating dynamic email and phone pitches, identify how to link your brilliance to news and lifestyle stories, practice dialing-up and aligning your verbal and non verbal communication to make the impact you intend, hone the art of making interviewers right while still getting your talking points across and most importantly, walk through and get comfortable with the entire filming experience so that you are at your best whenever you have face time. Contact to set-up a 15-minute Q & A call.

Step Into Your Moxie: The Platinum Speaker Package

What would it be like not ONLY to have a cheerleader, strategic partner and gifted coach helping you tease out every facet of your signature offering, but also:


  • 1, one-on-one VIP speaker training day with Alexia
  • A 2-night stay at one of Lake Las Vegas’ finest lakeside resorts
  • Limo service to and from Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport to your hotel
  • 3 delicious meals with Alexia
  • 1, 60-minute hotel spa treatment
  • Professionally recorded Speaking Demo
  • Professionally designed Speaker One Sheet
  • 3, 45-minute follow-up Skype calls with Alexia to cement your signature speech or TEDx/TED-worthy talk
  • 1, Speaker Booking Strategy Session with Alexia
  • Half a dozen extra goodies to sweeten and simplify your path to being a successful public speaker

While such an experience is valued at just over $15,000, I offer The Platinum Speaker Package for considerably less each year to a handful of business owners and workplace leaders who are ready not only to experience major breakthroughs in their public speaking during our day and subsequent sessions together, but who also want to be pampered throughout the process, have every detail taken care of for them and want the materials necessary to immediately launch or scale their public speaking careers

To explore The Platinum Package in greater detail and determine if you are a candidate, contact to set-up a 15-minute Q & A call.

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