Thank you for your interest in private speaker coaching. I work with a handful of private clients each year who are ready to jumpstart or significantly scale their speaking and corresponding thought leadership. Keynote Creation Jams begin at $2000, and VIP Days as well as Spotlight Speaker Mentorship are each multiple-four figure investments.

Keynote Creation Jam

Designed for leaders across industries and sectors who are comfortable presenting  but desire an experienced, skilled and creative speaking expert to generate material and rehearse with, Keynote Creation Jams begin with a 1 ½ hour Skype coaching session with me to deep dive into your goals, develop content strategy and curate the right fusion of ideas, stories, experiences and research. Then, depending on the level of support needed, you we will reconvene virtually 2-4 more times to refine material, incorporate interactive elements and dial-up your delivery. NYT and Amazon bestselling authors, executives and senior leaders, TED and TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs and business professionals have utilized KCJs to birth epic, game-changing presentations. All Keynote Creation Jams include complimentary access to my digital training program, Your Spotlight Talk ($750 value).

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Spotlight Speaker VIP Day

During our day together in one of the speaking capitals of the world, sunny Las Vegas, we can work intensively on creating your content for a keynote, workshop or corporate training. We can dive deep into your speaking career strategy. Or we can design an actionable and achievable 6-month or 1-year speaking career plan. VIP Days are best for those who possess a specific agenda, want to take massive action in one key area and who thrive from face-to-face learning.

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Spotlight Speaker Mentorship

Are you looking for more comprehensive and/or ongoing support in achieving your speaking goals?  

Have you been speaking for years and are ready–once and for all– to unlock more high quality opportunities and generate more revenue for your business?

Or perhaps you are brand-spankin’ new to speaking (and maybe you’re own biz). Do you want to come out of the gate strong and avoid the mistakes that too many new speakers make?

It’s also possible that you are somewhere in between. Have you recently booked some speaking gigs, want more, and just know that my passionate, playful and practical speaking coaching is a match for your personality and goals?

If any of these descriptions sound like you, let’s explore spotlight speaking collaboration.

While some of my clients make multiple 5 figures when they deliver a keynote and others exclusively speak at industry events where they present offers from the stage, most are doing a combination of keynotes, breakout sessions, interactive workshops, speaking sponsorship, corporate trainings, webinars and telesummits. They have built a robust network of fellow speakers who they share resources and opportunities with.

With Spotlight Speaker Mentorship you have a coach, cheerleader, champion, consultant (and strategist) by your side to support you in developing your speaking career. Based on your desired results, through mentorship we can:

  • Co-create a speaking vision that empowers you to achieve and sustain the life and career you desire.
  • Generate authentic, epic, on-brand speaking content for live and virtual events. From keynotes and seminars to workshops and retreats, we identify your best speaking formats and co-create every facet of what you need to be successful in each.
  • We select sticky titles and co-create jazzy descriptions for speaking topics to ensure you get booked to speak and dominate your niche.
  • Identify your target speaking events and put together a submissions calendar.
  • Sculpt powerful stage offers that enable you to stay classy and in your integrity as you convert audience members into clients.
  • Develop your speaking materials – from a speaker one-sheet to a speaking web page — and identify the content for a speaking reel and press kit.
  • Craft your pitches to event organizers, conference planners and corporate gatekeepers.
  • Establish and cultivate mutually-beneficial relationships with fellow authors, speakers and trainers, event planners and HR leaders.
  • Compile strategies and techniques to play nicely with the sensation that comes up when you think about being seen by an audience and inviting them to take bold action.
  • Create individual and group coaching programs, digital products and high-end mastermind or retreat experiences that seamlessly pick-up where your presentations leave off.

Spotlight Speaker Mentorship begins with a 1.5 Hour VIP Strategy Session, and then over an initial period of 6-12 months we meet via Skype for 12, 45-minute sessions. (Based on your specific goals, this timeline is flexible and in-person VIP Days can be added for intensive, face-to-face delivery work.) All Spotlight Speaker Mentees receive complimentary access to my digital training programs Your Spotlight Talk and Your Spotlight Workshop.

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While there is no greater way to build a business—or share your ideas to make a big, positive impact and advance your thought leadership than through public speaking—I get that a lot of emotion, sensation and mental chatter may be coming up when you think about starting or scaling your speaking.

For years I was under valuing, and as a result under delivering, on my potential as a speaker and thought leader. Days and sometimes weeks before a speaking opportunity I’d be overcome with anxiety and insomnia. Then, when I would speak, my voice would quaver. I’d break out into sweats. I rarely if ever wowed an audience. And sometimes I actually paid more to get a speaking gig than I made from it. Many of my clients have been here too. This page features just some of the women I’ve supported form the self-doubt through to big-time success.

Some of My Clients

Check-out just a few of the women and men I’ve supported from the self-doubt (and at times, self-sabotage!) through to big-time success.


Nathalie Lussier | Founder, AmbionAlly

“Alexia is a master…I was floored at the transformation she facilitated and highly recommend her.”


Amy Jo Martin | NYT Bestselling Author and TEDx Speaker

“Alexia is incredible – strategically, tactically and emotionally. Her presence and guidance are unmatched.”


Marcie Mauro | Mindset Expert, Speaker and Intuitive

“More than any other experience for my professional or personal growth, working with Alexia has blown me away from start to finish.”


Stefanie Frank | Content Strategist, Writer and TEDx Speaker

“Alexia’s ability to meet me exactly where I was helped me create a tour de force talk that is a full on 100% expression of who I am.”


Licia Morelli | Psychic, Speaker and Coach

“Working with Alexia is a must for anyone wanting to put themselves in front of audiences to build their business.”


Sandi Herrera | CEO, Got Core Values and TEDx Speaker

“With Alexia’s help, my speaking evolved into that of a woman who is vulnerable, yet articulate and inspirational.”


Toshia Shaw | Founder & Executive Director, Purple W.I.N.G.S. and TEDx Speaker

“Since working with Alexia I have been a beacon of hope for other sex violence survivors, seen an increase in my life-coaching business, and secured a top speaking agent.”


Heather Criswell | Author, Speaker, Founder of

“Alexia is definitely in her “zone of genius.” She has a compassionate yet powerful, unforgettable way of delivering advice and wisdom.”


Jessica Tomlinson | Self-Care Success Coach and Speaker

“With Alexia as my guide, I was able to take a very large message with multiple stories and craft it into a masterful work that I’m proud to call my “talk.”


Christina Ambubuyog | Founder of and TEDx speaker

“Working with Alexia was phenomenal. Our time allowed me to “find my voice,” get cozy in my skin while on stage…and so much more!”