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NBC’s Vegas Inc.

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NBC’s 9News Denver

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NBC’s Vegas Inc.

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NY’s WPIX Morning News

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NY’s WPIX Morning News

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NY’s WPIX Morning News
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CNN’s Your Bottom Line

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NBC’s New Day Northwest
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NBC’s Wake Up with Wagners

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NY’s WPIX Morning News

YouTube Preview Image Career Advice Videos

How can I ask for a raise without jeopardizing my current position?
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How can you encourage your employer to buy into your ideas?
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How do you make money and positive change in the world?
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How does a recent college grad find a job without professional experience?
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How should college students best manage debt?
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What are your thoughts on future growth in the healthcare industry?
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As an entrepreneur, how do you maintain work-life balance?

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    “Alexia is one strong woman helping women to achieve their goals.”
    Ronnie Cho | The White House Office of Public Engagement

    “I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for what you were able to do to help me with my public speaking abilities! You have my eternal gratitude for finally getting me over my near-paralyzing fear of speaking.”
    Tanya Murray | Realty Executives of Nevada

    "Alexia is unlike any other speaker or presenter I’ve ever seen. She embodies the very best of her generation and showed me a range of strategies I can use in preparing my students to be leaders in the workplace.”
    Dr. Joseph Bonnici | Central Connecticut University

    "Alexia is revolutionizing how we prepare nurses for the demands of the workplace in Nevada. She truly understands how to grow a new generation of ethical, high-impact communicators and leaders.”
    Doug Geinzer | Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition

    “Alexia is a tremendous coach and speaker. 100% of our group in post surveys commented that the workshop was valuable and uplifting.”
    Kristen Baldwin | Step Up Women’s Network

    "What I love and appreciate about Alexia is her ability to pinpoint your style and strengths as a communicator as well as the little nuances that get you in the way of your power. She gives you very detailed ways to make new changes and enhance your natural communication style."
    Christina Ambubuyog | I Love Intuition