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Since winning the Miss Junior America competition as a college freshman, Alexia has been speaking and training at companies, conferences, colleges and community/professional associations on topics at the intersections of leadership development, public speaking and women’s empowerment. Known for her heartfelt and courageous storytelling, infectious humor and boundless optimism, Alexia is a rare breed of speaker who inspires, educates and shifts thinking and behavior.

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Step Into Your Moxie

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman, but the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult,” says Melinda French Gates. But it doesn’t have to be. Fusing her own difficult and remarkable journey with her expert advice, Alexia demystifies the top high performing behaviors of successful executive and entrepreneurial women so that audience members can get out of their own way and capitalize on their potential. From learning how to silence critical self-talk, to scoring face time with chief decision makers, to securing champions, to negotiating for what they’re worth (in a way that is beneficial to them AND their companies), Alexia will leave audience members knowing how to walk into any room ready to speak with confidence and competence to achieve the results they seek.

Develop Your Female Leadership Pipeline

It’s now common knowledge that companies with multiple women serving in senior leadership positions outperform those with less female leadership. So why are women not better represented in senior leadership positions? And how can organizations address the particular needs of high potential women that are often unmet in traditional leadership development programs? Alexia demystifies what emerging female leaders need—with respect to mentoring, coaching and skill development—in order to be competitive and succeed in more senior leadership positions. Presenting research and real-world examples, she provides actionable recommendations for addressing women’s perceived lack of ambition, confidence and skill. She identifies which of the top leadership competencies women struggle with most—and how companies (and colleges) can adjust traditional leadership development programs to empower women in these areas.

Cultivate Your ‘Secret Sauce’ as a Speaker

Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to attract the right clients to your business, position yourself as a thought leader, and make big impact in the world. Unfortunately, most leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who speak are following tired formulas for how to present and/or sell. As a result, they divorce themselves from their authentic speaking style, fail to connect and built trust with their audience, and ultimately don’t move them to take action. Alexia will show you how to leverage the TED speaking style to create presentations that engage your audience with your stories, demonstrate your expertise, share what people want to know NOW, and invite people to take action on your “idea worth spreading.” Depending on the audience (i.e., senior leaders, sales teams, or entrepreneurs), Alexia will also include how to ask questions that are a win-win for you and your audience/prospective clients, sell from the stage by NOT selling from the stage, the key components of a hooky offer, and how to lock into the mindset and behaviors, once and for all, that let you see yourself and perform as a heart-centered, high-impact communicator. Each of Alexia’s keynotes can be adapted into half-day or full-day interactive trainings or multi-day retreats.

If interested in booking Alexia to deliver a keynote, host an event, facilitate an interactive training or present on a panel, please contact us at Speaking@AlexiaVernon.com.

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Alexia Vernon is the author of Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence in the World (New World Library and Penguin Random House Audio). Branded a “Moxie Maven” by President Obama’s White House Office of Public Engagement, she is a sought-after speaking and women’s leadership coach who delivers transformational keynotes and corporate trainings for Fortune 500 companies and other professional groups and organizations, including the United Nations and TEDx. Alexia holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in women’s studies and has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS and in publications like ForbesWoman, Inc., Women’s Health Magazine, and The European Business Review. Visit her online at http://www.alexiavernon.com.

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Develop a Robust Female Leadership Pipeline

In this article, Alexia Vernon provides actionable strategies for organisations to develop their next generation female leaders. Grounding her recommendations in research and real-world examples, she demystifies what holds women back from positioning themselves for senior leadership opportunities and what companies can do to ensure that qualified women do not leak out of their pipelines by making significant shifts in how they develop their high potential women. Read the full article.

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How to Free Yourself from the Pain of High Expectations

During my pregnancy, I was the poster child for prenatal health. From taking my supplements and participating in birthing and breastfeeding classes to doing downward dogs up until three days before my birth, postpartum depression never crossed my mind. Read the full article.


Developing The 3 Habits Of Transformational Leaders

It’s a question I get asked a lot, and one I’ve changed my answer to over the years. As a coach and mentor to executives and entrepreneurs, I thought the ability to transform was an inborn quality for a long time. I thought it was something one could develop his or her skills in, but ultimately did or did not possess an affinity toward. Read the full article. 


Best Advice I Ever Got: Keep It Simple and Tell Your Truth

Sometimes, being candid about your weakness is the strongest move of all.

For years I spent too much time and bandwidth proving that, despite my age, I had the qualifications necessary to lead my consulting company and deliver our training programs. While I know that my clients were impressed by media I’d garnered early in my career, they were–and are–far more impressed when I show that the work I ask them to do is work I’ve sought to do my entire life…even if it’s been with mixed results. Read the full article.

Make a Bigger Impact: 3 Success Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Learn from TED Talks

I discovered TED Talks during my first semester teaching public speaking to college students. Although I didn’t have an undergraduate or graduate degree in communication and had applied for a job to teach acting and improvisation, I somehow wound up standing in front of 30 college freshman at 8:15 a.m. in the morning, twice a week, hoping to make public speaking half as interesting as their smart phones. Read the full article.

Woman of Influence

Career coach Alexia Vernon wants to help women find their path

Alexia Vernon is holding a mic and surveying a roomful of well-dressed women chatting over wine and juice shots. Only someone who’s danced and performed since childhood could stand so tall and relaxed in spiked heels and a short dress stretched over a five-month-pregnant belly. It helps that Vernon, 33, is a professional speaker: She’s a career-development coach, and this is her element. Read the full article. 

Fearless Females: Alexia Vernon

Career coach Alexia Vernon wants to help women find their path

Recently branded a Moxie Maven by the White House and since winning the Miss Junior America competition as a college women’s studies student; Alexia Vernon has been empowering people, companies, campuses, professional associations, and community organizations to build a new generation of heart-centered, high-impact communicators and ethical leaders. Read the full article. 

How to Stand Out at Work

The perks of having friends at work are huge, but if you’re not careful to set yourself apart from your office besties, your career may suffer. Follow our tips to make your own path.

Grow Your Network
Anytime you can work directly with the boss, you should, but interacting with other senior employees can be just as important (even if you don’t report to them). This helps you distinguish yourself and, perhaps more important, gives you a view of the company beyond your pals. Plus, it might provide you with champions in meetings or strategy sessions that you’re not a part of.  Read the full article. 

How to Pull Back the Curtain and Become an Effective Business Storyteller

When I first started my workplace communication and leadership development coaching and training business, I spent hours upon hours striving to design the perfect website, come up with catchiest program names, draft compelling copy and get face time with the “right” people to champion my work. I was busy curating what I thought others would perceive as my greatest accomplishments, and asking happy clients to share their raves as testimonials — unfortunately, all at the expense of sharing my story.   Read the full article. 

Moxie Maven

Here at the White House, we place a strong emphasis on the needs of women. Since its creation in 2009, the Council on Women and Girls has been advocating for the needs of women, giving them a strong voice within the administration. This council has helped to create policy and initiate programs that empower women by granting them the tools that they need to lead successful lives. However, despite the amazing work this group does, in order to achieve success outside of the White House, advocacy must continue within individual communities. Alexia Vernon is one strong woman helping women to achieve their goals. Read the full article. 

Interview: Alexia Vernon


A: I often say that I know I was put here on this equal parts wonderful and wonky earth to create a revolution in women’s communication. I want my legacy to be catalyzing millions of women into their “moxie” so that they are speaking their powerful messages and having them lead to the results they seek. Having been sexually abused as a child, I learned at four years old to speak up and out about what was going on. This initial act of moxie both saved my life and laid the foundation for a lifetime of calling out what I see – the good, the bad, and the confusing. Read the full article. 

6 Ways to Stay Professional in a Casual Workplace

No one’s saying you have to be a stiff, but when it comes to showcasing your personality on the job-or in online networking profiles-there is such a thing as being too comfortable.

Work-life separation? Ha. These days, we meet our best friends and maybe even our future husband on the job. We promote our employers on our personal Twitter pages and decorate our desks with our weekend triathlon medals. But when there’s no real distinction between your work and personal selves, it’s easy to find yourself being too relaxed about office etiquette, and what’s work-appropriate. Read the full article. 

Please Don’t Call Me a Sexual Abuse Survivor

Since the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State erupted last fall, it’s rare for me to go so much as a week without hearing about another similar incident. In media coverage, social commentary, and in my everyday professional and personal conversations, I have heard a lot of well-intentioned people talk about the children involved with disempowering language.

These poor children. My heart breaks that their lives had to be ruined. Nobody should have to survive such an abuse of power. Read the full article. 

5 Ways to Use Public Speaking to Build Your Client Base

I’d give anything to travel back in time and tell my eight-year-old self that I’d eventually build a business from public speaking. In third grade, opening my mouth and speaking my mind to a group of people was a recipe for public humiliation: voice habitually quavering, thoughts lost between my brain and my headgear, and shaking so intense that my classmates sparked a rumor that I suffered from Tourette’s syndrome.  Read the full article. 

Making the Leap to the Big Leagues

As big firms cut back during the recession, many professionals found work at small companies. For college grads, small firms became the most promising way to launch a career.

But as hiring picks up again, some of those professionals are looking to break into larger companies, seeking the stability, benefits and resources not always available at small firms.  Read the full article. 

The feedback I have been receiving about both your keynote and workshop is nothing short of glowing! An email I just opened reads, “The event was phenomenal. Alexia did an amazing job telling her story and showing the importance of voice.” And that is just one of many comments I have received since Monday. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories, your wisdom, your energy and your voice with us. Your presence was truly a gift!”
Leandre Waldo | Director, Champlain College Marketing Department

“It’s not often I am moved beyond words… but you did it today. Thank you for kicking off the Career Services Conference with your keynote! You are certainly a master of your craft!”

Robert Shindell, Ph.D. | President & CEO, Intern Bridge, Inc.

“Alexia was an excellent choice of speaker for my eWomenNetwork chapter.  Members have told me this was the most interesting presenter they’d heard.  I would highly recommend Alexia for her professionalism, warmth, and motivating subject matter.”

Annie Gonni | Managing Director, eWomen Reno

I just wanted to share that the communication presentation was a sweeping success! Our franchisees raved about you and felt the material was highly relevant to their businesses. We are so grateful for having your talents on this project.”
Gena Segno | Director of Art & Multi-cultural Programs, Gymboree Play & Music Corp

“Alexia is unlike any other speaker or presenter I’ve ever seen. She embodies the very best of her generation and showed me a range of strategies I can use in preparing my students to be leaders in the workplace.”

Dr. Joseph Bonnici | Central Connecticut University

“Thank you so much, Alexia, for coming to Memphis and working with our staff. I have gotten such great feedback, and we all feel so excited and ready to execute your strategies. You’re the best.”

Sarah Williams | Specialist/Regional Field Programs, ALSAC/St. Jude’s