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Improv for Speakers and Trainers

Improv for Speakers and Trainers is a one-day, experiential master class led by Alexia Vernon. The event will be held October 24, 2019 at the Park MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


  • See (and really be seen) by an audience
  • Present your ideas with clarity, commitment, and charisma
  • Fill a room with your presence
  • Harness your natural speaking style to move people to action
  • Use your emotions to connect vulnerably with an audience
  • Access your full voice and strengthen your vocal variety
  • Recognize your speaker’s intuition—and recover from “performance hiccups” with ease and grace
  • Tell powerful stories to inspire, shift mindset and behavior, and facilitate transformation
  • Respond authentically to your audience’s ideas, energy, and feedback
  • Use humor to elicit laughter and catalyze aha moments
  • Banish the fear of failure—once and for all!

Please note: Travel, lodging and meals are not included in the enrollment fee.

Indemnification and Release: I hereby release and forever discharge Alexia Vernon Empowerment, LLC, Alexia Vernon, and their respective officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, judgments, actions, causes of action, injuries, or damages (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and expenses) that have arisen or occurred or that may arise or occur as a result of my participation in Improv for Speakers and Trainers

I hereby irrevocably grants to Event Host, Alexia Vernon Empowerment, LLC and its affiliates, successors, assigns, and licensees my consent and the absolute, unrestricted right and permission to include, in whole or in part, my name, likeness, image, voice, biography, interview, and performance in connection with, or as part of, Improv for Speakers and Trainers, including, without limitation, any and all advertising, publicity, and promotional materials created in connection therewith. I further grant to Alexia Vernon Empowerment, LLC the unlimited right to distribute the Event or any portion thereof by any and all means, uses and media, for any purposes, throughout the world in perpetuity. 

Terms of Payment: I hereby authorize Alexia Vernon Empowerment, LLC to charge my credit card for the full amount of participation in Improv for Speakers and Trainers. I acknowledge that I am fully responsible for my own travel, meals, and accommodations during Improv for Speakers and Trainers. 

If I cannot make it to Las Vegas for the Improv for Speakers and Trainers event, I understand that I may email CustomerCare@AlexiaVernon.com a minimum of 30 days prior to the event, and transfer my investment into another AVE, LLC group program or to a person of my choosing. I acknowledge that transfers are not available after September 24, 2019. If for any reason I attend the full event and I am not completely satisfied with my experience, I may request in writing a refund explaining my dissatisfaction, and I will receive a full refund within 7 business days after the event.

Now, please put October 24, 2019 on your calendar because you are coming to Vegas! I’ll see you in your inbox shortly with “next steps” immediately after you purchase.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]