A Mastermind for Female Entrepreneurs to Create Massive Impact and Profit Through Their Businesses, Speaking and Thought Leadership

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Think of the SPOTLIGHT SPEAKERS COLLECTIVE as a creative business laboratory where a carefully curated community of women will soulfully grow their businesses through live and virtual speaking opportunities, workshops, trainings, coaching, consulting, masterminds and retreats.

Inside the Collective, you will have unparalleled access to me, opportunities to learn from and connect with my robust network of executives, start-up founders, change agents, bestselling authors, performers and social entrepreneurs, and receive support from a powerhouse tribe of fellow female thought leaders.

You will create and implement your profitable plan for growing your business, birth and perform game changing speaking content and transformational learning experiences, and create time and space for sisterhood, service, spirituality, self-care and self-growth.




During these days fusing business strategy and profit clarity, set powerful intentions, receive focused attention from me and the group, and refuel for sustainable success.

Create the Foundation for Business and Speaking Success (August 2, 2019)
Amplify Your Thought Leadership (March 2020)


mastermind-meets-transformational speaking retreat.
see also: Fusing holistic and experiential learning, individualized coaching and strategy, profit planning, and ample time for creativity, mindfulness and relaxation.

Step Into the Spotlight Through Speaking (September 20-22, 2019)
Facilitation & Live Event Leadership  (December 6-8, 2019)

An Invitation to Co-Lead
My Signature Live Event

The Spotlight MasterTreat (April-May 2020)


Individual Mentorship

6, 60-minute virtual (and video recorded) sessions with me to develop the confidence, acumen and content to achieve speaking, business and thought leadership goals (and navigate through setbacks and resistance that emerge along the way).

9 Monthly Group Coaching Calls

During these monthly 2-hour video calls (which are recorded), come to receive coaching on anything and everything related to profit planning and business growth, sales and client acquisition, program development, speaking, leading live events, and increasing your visibility through media and thought leadership opportunities.

Monthly Peer Led Masterminding

Based on your stage of business and Collective goals, you will be placed in a group with 2-3 Collective sisters. This independent group will meet monthly for additional support and accountability.

7 CEO and Systems Strategy Calls (non-retreat months)

Crave support with your business operations? Do you want to develop the vision, strategy and execution plan to run your business like a true CEO? Whether you need support with project management or hiring and training your team, or you want to talk strategy for a program or product launch, these sessions will empower you to go pro in all areas of your business.

Quarterly Copy Clinics

Need expert advice on the copy for a speaker-one sheet? Want feedback for event marketing materials? Or a corporate training proposal? These persuasive writing coaching jam sessions will ensure Collective members speak up for their businesses as effectively as they speak on stage.

Access to My Digital Training Vault

Receive all of my content rich virtual training programs: The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator, Your Spotlight Talk, Your Spotlight Workshop, and Your Spotlight Webinar.


Facebook Community

Cutting edge strategy, conspicuous growth, and collaborative sisterhood are celebrated here. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll support, we’ll grow!

This experience is available for up to 16 women, via application only.


Each year the Collective has filled quickly, so if you feel called, apply NOW. I will review your application myself, and if I believe the Collective can help you implement what you need to soar to your next level of speaking, business and thought leadership success, I’ll invite you (within 7-10 days of submission) to schedule a discovery call directly with me. Submitting an application does not obligate you to join the program, which will begin in August 2019.


“In all my years of training to become a physician, I have had many mentors who taught me to be a competent and respected clinician. When I changed the direction of my career because I realized I had much more to do and say – that I had a message to share with the world beyond my exam room – I tried to go it alone because I knew I was smart enough to figure things out. And I did figure some things out, but mostly I stayed stuck and played small because the world of speaking was not my area of expertise… Integrative and Ayurvedic Medicine were my areas of expertise. I needed a teacher and mentor to help me. Enter Alexia Vernon…

I met Alexia for the first time over video conferencing when I applied to the Collective and within 10 minutes I knew I had found my mentor. Lex possesses the rare combination of business and marketing genius, emotional intelligence and intuitive knowing that she uses to push you beyond what you think is possible for yourself. She is inspiring, generous of heart and a writing and editing whiz… she’s real and the real deal.

The community that Lex created in the Collective is one that I feel so blessed to be a part of. These incredible women have revealed their dreams to me, generously shared their knowledge and know-how with me, held my hand when I’ve been frustrated and laughed deep belly-laughs late into the night with me.

Since joining the Collective, I’ve sharpened my speaking skills, clarified my niche and my audience, re-launched my website, developed an online course and learned how to pitch…and that’s only the beginning. Lex has given me the confidence to step up, play big and change the world with my message of inspiring people to awaken the healer within.”

Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD
Speaker, Physician and Wellness Warrior


“Within 2 months of joining the Spotlight Speakers Collective, I had applied and been selected to give a TEDxWomen talk. I’ve booked a variety of prestigious keynotes since.

My speaking fee is also 10x’s what it used to be!

I have been featured on media including PBS, ABC, CBS, Parents.com, and I am now an ambassador for the National Dairy Council and a co-author/lead researcher for the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals Corporate Guide Books!

Not only did Lex help me craft and deliver passionate, purposeful and persuasive presentations, but she has also brought focus and peace to my professional career (and to the rest of my life). Because of Lex’s holistic approach to speaking, business and life, I became a better mother, wife and Dietitian. I practice more self-care, and I spend less time working but accomplish my goals more efficiently and at a better quality. I’m very glad I joined the Spotlight Speakers Collective and have had the opportunity to work with Lex and all of the other great women in our community.”

Clancy Cash Harrison, MS, RDN, FAND
Author, Speaker and Food Justice Advocate


“Since joining the Spotlight Speakers Collective, I went from earning nothing in my new coaching business to having my first $6000+ month! While I now have 3 different coaching programs that I love to lead, I am equally proud of having a signature talk that I am constantly booking that converts audience members into clients.

Lex is a powerhouse inside a tiny little frame of a woman. Her coaching style is soft, yet deep. She can cuddle you when you need cuddling yet she will always tell you the truth and push you to take action and get the results you came for. She works so hard to understand you, and the business and life you want to build, and she makes sure you are speaking and leading with your own style, voice and personality.

I am not the same person that I was last year. I feel powerful, and I’m thriving in business and in life. My money blocks were removed. I no longer fear judgment from others. I bought my dream car, got engaged, and am so proud of the successful business I have built.

Lex is not just your coach. She is your friend. She is so approachable, kind and generous. She will literally bring you clothes for a MasterTreat weekend (like she did for me when I had to abruptly leave my home during a hurricane!). And the sisterhood of the Collective – we really became like a family. We laughed, we cried, we supported each other. In the Collective, you will make the best friendships with like-minded women.

This whole experience has been priceless!”

Katia Rave
CEO, Rave Strategy Studio


“When I joined the Collective, I was in a place in my career where I felt everywhere with my message, and I didn’t have a clear business growth plan or a roadmap for how I was going to take my speaking to a professional level. I honestly was just letting things fall into my lap without strategy. I had Lex as a guest on my podcast, and when she talked about the Collective, I knew that she would be the perfect mentor for me to learn from. I had done TV and online media, and spoken at events, but I never had thought through how speaking and live events could help me grow my brand and boost my revenue.

Lex has a special way of helping you to see your potential – beyond what you believe is possible for yourself. And she knows how to push you past your fears and into inspired action. Through the Collective, I learned how to position myself for speaking bookings that I never thought possible. I discovered how to create brand partnership with companies and book organizational trainings. Plus, I learned how to create presentations that make genuine impact.

From the empowering Collective retreats where I discovered what was truly holding me back from making my dream business happen, to the one-on-one calls with Lex that were focused on me and my business strategy, I was able to create a business and life I love. The goals I walked into the Collective with changed – in the best way possible. Through Lex and the Collective’s support, I launched (and sold out!) a mastermind experience to help other lifestyle coaches build their businesses. I’ve hosted dozens of live and online workshops, and even made the top ten on iTunes in the Health Category for podcasts! If you are ready to take your business and message to the next level, I highly suggest having Lex help you do just that!”

Courtney Bentley
Health and Fitness Coach, Speaker and Host of The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast


“Alexia has this uncanny ability to see straight into your core talent, and help you bring that out in a way that is unique, special and feels amazing. I’ve been coached by some “high end” coaches and had never seen this before. She cares more about her clients than any coach I’ve worked with, she’s bursting at the seams with knowledge about the speaking industry, and knows how to draw your best material out of you and help you shape it so you can put it out into the world in a way that connects with people (which drives results!). I cannot emphasize enough how valuable and life changing the opportunity to work with her is.”

Stefanie Frank
Speaker, Trainer and Co-Founder at Frankly Good Coffee


“For years, I worked at my business, created tons of disjointed content, and saw a mish-mash of clients, but I was never really moving ahead or leveling up. Until Alexia’s Spotlight Speakers Collective. Alexia has a way of seeing your genius, as well as your (a-hem, my) tendency to get distracted or off topic. And because of those gifts, I have gone from a sort-of-business, to a full-fledged, continuously blossoming business, as well as a book deal!

Because Lex has built her own successful business, she always knows the exact, immediate next step for you, and she is very direct, yet loving, in her encouragement. I am no longer overwhelmed by all that I could do. I now focus on exactly what I need to do to get the results I desire. And it’s so much easier!

Having a tribe of other successful women who were all geniuses in their own right, but, like me, simply did not have the knowledge, skills or tools to take their dreams to the next level without Lex’s strategic guidance, was invaluable. Despite our differences, we were all in different phases of the same journey. The friendships that were formed have become some of my most cherished relationships and friendships, both professionally as well as personally. If you feel like you just might be on the verge of something great, but don’t know how to achieve that, then I highly recommend the Collective experience!”

Lora Cheadle
Women’s Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Author and Media Personality


“I decided to join the Spotlight Speakers Collective and work with Alexia because even though I had been speaking and in business for myself for 10 years, I knew there was room for improvement. Through the Collective experience, I have realized that speaking is an art, a skill and a business – and that my soft-spoken style is needed and appreciated in the world. Through Lex’s masterful program, I can create a speaking outline, craft a powerful presentation, rehearse appropriately and deliver my material in a way that is clear, intentional and successful. Through the Collective, I have also refined my image consulting offerings, developed new service offerings to work with speakers and thought leaders, become an image consultant for a TEDx, learned how to book corporate trainings and created new business associations and friendships I never thought possible. I would not hesitate to work with Lex again. My speaking and presentation skills have improved beyond what I imagined they would. She is smart, savvy and an absolute joy to work with.”

Kathleen Audet
Speaker and President, Your Authentic Image


“Through the Collective, I finally chose what I want to be known for and re-envisioned my speaking and corporate work as a result. I created my spotlight talk. (After I gave it the first time, I was invited to give it seven more times in my business community – which led to obtaining two corporate client contracts within four months!). I now possess an effective, consistent, and easy marketing process, fueled by speaking, and I’m grateful to Lex for helping me create a compelling talk and corporate marketing strategy. Whether your goal is to be a speaker or to use speaking as a way to reach and positively impact new clients, Lex can hep you spread your message to a larger audience and support you with the entire sales process – from writing your email sequences to getting signed contracts.”

Cathy Norris
Executive Coach, Corporate Leadership Trainer and Emotional Intelligence Expert


“When I learned about Lex’s Spotlight Speakers Collective my ears perked up immediately. After working with Lex in her The Spotlight MasterTreat, I already knew she was the mentor to guide me to amplify my message and increase my business success through speaking. What I received from the Collective was far more than I’d hoped for. Lex’s expansive business knowledge is incredibly helpful. She is far more than a speaking coach. Our private coaching sessions were invaluable, and I would always leave with clear actions to take that had a positive impact on my business. The retreats and group coaching calls were also outstanding. Lex is always very prepared so each moment is used for maximum benefit (and these experiences are also a ton of fun!).

By participating in the SSC, I gained tremendous clarity about what was (and was not!) working with my current business structure. This has been a year of complete revision and streamlining – resulting in complete confidence in my new, more focused business message and on my content (speaking and business offerings). Lex genuinely cares about your success. I am also blessed not only to have had this experience with Lex but also to be part of a fabulous group of women, each masterminding our way to becoming a ‘go-to person’ in our field.”

Shannon Elhart
Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Founder of Green Heart


“Lex knows that putting smart, focused, driven women together is a catalyst for powerful shifts and outcomes. My experience with The Collective has done that and more for me. Lex’s leadership, instruction and guidance have provided concrete action steps towards leveling up my own thinking and business results. Working with Lex helped ignite my shift from strong facilitator to powerful keynote speaker. Woven through my experience with Lex and The Collective is the empowering reminder to trust my voice and that my story has value. Thank you, Lex for an inspiring, motivating and up leveling program. This has been a wise and worthy investment in myself and my business. I have enormous gratitude for Lex and her team.”

Connie Wilder
Keynote Speaker and Executive and Leadership Coach


“Lex is so much more than a speaking coach! I struggle with shiny object syndrome, maybe you can relate, and Lex lovingly steered me towards what would bring about the greatest ROI in all areas of my business, and she helped me stay in my zone of genius. Through the Collective experience, I was able to design and implement a new custom couples retreat program that I have launched and am running my first couple through this spring. I have created a new relationship workshop, booked 3 speaking gigs in the last 90 days alone, and Lex was instrumental in helping me create my materials for TEC-Canada, where I am in the process of being vetted as a speaker. I run a busy practice, and I don’t see how I could have accomplished so much on the speaking, training and live events side of my business without Lex’s guidance. Plus, the women I shared this experience with have been awesome. It’s great to learn and grow alongside women from such diverse business and speaking backgrounds, and the in-person retreats allowed us to get up on our feet, try out our skills, and support one another. I have grown so much as a speaker and thought leader, and thanks to Lex and the Collective, I’m finally owning the space I’m meant to hold as I serve others.”

Taunya Zipse
Relationship Coach, Therapist and Speaker


“Working with Lex and being a part of this group of high-caliber women encouraged me to step up my game. The expansive learning opportunities exceeded my expectations. From the individual and group coaching calls, to the in-person retreats, to Lex’s master classes and bonus virtual sessions – it was endless! Lex’s ultimate goal is to make sure you have what you need to soar, and her ability to know exactly how to support you is uncanny. I now have so much clarity and confidence which has enabled me to scale my leadership development business. (And shout-out to her awesome team, especially Stephen!) If you are looking for a powerful experience, guided support from someone who is a master in her industry, and a community of Collective Sisters who are always there to support you, join Lex for the Spotlight Speakers Collective program.”

Suzanne Ricard-Greenway
Keynote Speaker, Master Facilitator, Leadership and Team Coach and Consultant


“Lex is a masterful speaking coach and mentor. She combines oodles of speaking smarts with heart, and she is always able to give me that extra nudge when I need to expand my comfort zone. She can always see and remind me of my speaking potential, especially when I can’t.

Speaking has become a primary offering since joining the Spotlight Speakers Collective because am more confident in the impact I can have as a speaker. And, as a result, my speaking fees are higher.

I learned a lot of ‘nuts and bolts’ about speaking — how to hold space on stage, pitch, create marketing materials, event planners’ needs — which is all super helpful. My biggest shifts were in understanding the impact I can have on stage, finding my comedic speaking style, and how to talk about the pivot to comedy to my existing clients without sounding like I have lost the plot!

Also, be prepared to be held by a group of amazing women in a way you may not have been before. The women in the Collective were always cheerleaders for my greater good. That is rare and precious. I loved seeing everyone lead and speak at the MasterTreat at the end of our experience, and I had so much fun sharing comedy at the event. To see how far people had come, how we oozed confidence and impact, brought tears to my eyes.

Lex will enable you to take risks with a Collective sister safety net. The Collective is a rare opportunity to play, grow and accelerate your impact.”

Pam Dibbs
Keynote Speaker, Humorist and Leadership Coach


“I decided to work with Alexia Vernon (Lex) in the Spotlight Speakers Collective program because I was looking to level up: my business, my mindset and my goals for how I could serve children, their families and other professionals in my industry. Lex has a way of combining solid business advice and mentorship with a sensitivity and a humanness to one’s personality and purpose. As an already successful and recognized childhood nutritionist, Lex helped me explore bigger dreams, including ways to advance my thought leadership, and helped me outline a proven path with the know-how to make those dreams a reality.

Under her mentorship, I was able to speak on the TEDx stage, create and launch a 6-month mastermind program for pediatric nutritionists, revamp my website, land advisory board positions, secure lucrative sponsorship and consulting opportunities, and negotiate and secure larger speaking engagements outside of my industry. One call with Lex helped me negotiate an extra five-figures from a yearlong corporate consulting opportunity!

Working with Lex has been an amazing experience. She delightfully exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend her as a speaking coach and business mentor!”

Jill Castle
Childhood Nutrition and Feeding Expert, Author and Speaker


“The Spotlight Speaker Collective has been one of the most transformational experiences for me, personally and professionally. With Alexia’s guidance and coaching, in the course of less than a year, I was able to clarify the message that I am passionate about sharing with the world. The Collective gave me the tools I need to turn my message into action – resulting in amazing speaking opportunities, booking workshops at influencer events, planning my own transformational retreat program, and launching a new high-level offering.”

Elizabeth Shaw
Author, Speaker, Event Planner and Optimism Expert


“I knew that speaking was a strength of mine, but I wasn’t really sure how to get on bigger stages or monetize it. I was at a Toastmasters level. A mentor of mine, who had done a program with Alexia, had been talking her up for over a year. She had literally told me, “Lex is going to change your life.” And she did.

Lex is a brilliant coach, intuitive mentor and wordsmith. As a psychologist, I’ve seen a lot of people connect with their clients and pull out of them their gifts. I’ve done it myself. But I have NEVER seen anyone as gifted as Lex. I was able to spit out my ideas, that were often only semi-coherent, and she would reflect back to me, in such a concise way, something brilliant. She really, really listens.

Since working with Lex, I’ve been invited and spoken at a number of conferences, online summits, and done radio interviews. I’m now booking speaking/consulting opportunities with schools and companies. And because I’m now so clear on my message and platform, each opportunity leads to more invitations – and I’m really getting known in the family and parenting space.

Working with Lex helped me profoundly with my business. I clarified who I help and how I help them. I created persuasive website copy and company proposals. And above all, I now communicate with confidence to prospective clients what I do and what I stand for.

Lex really is a world-class coach. I got overwhelmingly more than I expected… because she is so brilliant.”

Dr. Lynyetta Willis
Speaker, Psychologist, Family Empowerment Coach and Author

If you want to be a renowned thought leader in your industry, speak on big(ger) stages, lead transformational programs and events, amplify your purpose and profit, and be a part of a sisterhood of women conspiring for your visibility and success, the Spotlight Speakers Collective may be a perfect fit for you!


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