My Favorite Tech Tools

I hung out my shingle as an entrepreneur in 2007, and I have been running online programs since 2012. The backend of my business is powered by a variety of tech tools, and here are some of my favorites that I’m an affiliate for. Please note: If you use the links below to purchase, I will likely receive a commission. Again, I use each of these tools in my own business, and I am only recommending them because of my positive experiences.



I house all of my digital course content on the Wordpress plugin, AccessAlly. Full disclosure: Nathalie was my first online business mentor, and I adore not only her product but also her/AccessAlly’s values.

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BombBomb is a terrific way to record and send personalized videos to prospective and existing clients – right from your email account. Plus, BombBomb lets you track your email opens and video views, and this really helps you gauge engagement. BombBomb videos are currently my #1 tool for program enrollment!

Send Videos in Your Emails


Businessese is my go-to place for all legal contracts – for speaker agreements and privacy policies/website terms, and they also have templates for client and affiliate agreements, sponsorship, and photo releases. If you need a legal template, they likely have it. Founder Danielle Liss, Esq. is a dear friend, program alum, and speaker – so she really understands the needs of coaches and consultants who are speakers and thought leaders.

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I use ConvertKit for my email marketing. I love my deliverability rates, the customizable templates, and ConvertKit’s commitment to serving creators and speaking up about social justice issues.

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Thrive Suite

I use the Wordpress plugin, Thrive Suite, for all of my conversion-focused landing pages, sales pages, and upsell pages. You don’t need to be techie to use it, it’s incredibly customizable, and the Thrive team is always adding new features.

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