Curious how I can support you to increase your visibility, impact and profit through public speaking, media interviews, thought leadership development and masterful messaging?




MOXIELICIOUS®: The Mastermind is a high-level mastermind for female coaches, consultants and experts who want to up level into profitable, go-to thought leaders. Fusing individual and group coaching, virtual retreats on signature offers/sales pipelines and publicity/media, monthly group coaching calls and workshops, and the opportunity to participate in a mastermind-only, in-person speaking retreat and film a speaker reel, MOXIELICIOUS®: The Mastermind is a creative laboratory to create your customized business plan, master your sales, speaking, and thought leadership messaging and content, increase your visibility, give voice to ideas and issues that matter to you, and forge forever bonds with an intimate and elite group of women conspiring for your success.
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that comes up when they start or scale their speaking efforts.

“Alexia is a master at bringing together an incredible group of women, pulling out their best, and helping them shape their speaking style. I was floored at the transformation she facilitated in one weekend and highly recommend her work. If you need help honing a talk, booking speaking gigs and making speaking profitable, work with her now. You can expect to be pushed to your edge and to grow both as a speaker and business owner.”

Nathalie Lussier
Founder, AccessAlly

Step into Your Moxie® Certification is designed for coaches, consultants, educators, therapists, facilitators, healers, change agents, trainers, HR leaders and talent development professionals who want to empower the populations they work with to (re)claim their voices and speak up unapologetically and persuasively in their lives and work. Certified facilitators will be able to integrate the Step into Your Moxie® mindset, skillset, tools and development practices into their existing teaching, training, coaching and workshops AND lead standalone Step into Your Moxie® experiences – online and/or face-to-face.
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Your Spotlight Workshop is an eight-week virtual coaching and training program for aspiring (and seasoned) live event leaders.

“As a 10-year Broadway veteran, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top coaches in the world. Alexia Vernon has all of the qualities I look for in a coach: keen eyes and ears, the ability to give honest, constructive feedback, and a taste-level I can trust. I admire Lex not only for her talent as a coach, speaker, and leader, but because she is a woman who champions other women. Your success is her success. If you have the opportunity to work with Alexia, know that you’ll be getting much more than a coach; you’ll have a cheerleader, a sister, and a compassionate guide who genuinely cares about you and your goals.”

Sandra Joseph, Keynote Speaker, Singer, and Broadway’s Longest-Running Christine in The Phantom of the Opera



The Step into Your Moxie® Messaging Studio offers a variety of boutique coaching plans and done-for-you copywriting services to support speakers, entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders to speak up for themselves, their businesses and their groundbreaking ideas through relevant and attractive offers, powerful messaging and classy, high-converting sales communication. 

Featured Messaging Studio services include:

  • Thought Leadership Asset Audits
  • Website Copy
  • Customized Sales Call Scripts and Performance Coaching
  • New Program Offer Development
  • Client Success Stories
  • Email Nurture Sequences
  • Short Form Landing/Opt-In Pages
  • Video Interviews
  • (Virtual) Speaker Reels
  • Speaker One-Sheets and Media Kits

“Alexia has this uncanny ability to see straight into your core talent, and help you bring that out in a way that is unique, special and feels amazing. I’ve been coached by some “high end” coaches and had never seen this before. She cares more about her clients than any coach I’ve worked with, she’s bursting at the seams with knowledge about the speaking industry, and knows how to draw your best material out of you and help you shape it so you can put it out into the world in a way that connects with people (which drives results!). I cannot emphasize enough how valuable and life changing the opportunity to work with her is.”

Stefanie Frank
Speaker, Trainer and Co-Founder at Frankly Good Coffee




Spotlight Speaker Mentorship is designed for experienced coaches, consultants, authors, experts and business leaders who want a strategic partner, experienced coach and masterful content creator by their side as they amplify their speaking, business and thought leadership success.

Whether we jam together during a standalone in-person VIP Day, or over 6+ months, through our work together, I can support you to:

  • Generate authentic, epic, on-brand speaking content for live and virtual events. From keynotes and seminars to workshops and retreats, we identify your best speaking formats and co-create what is needed to be successful.
  • Create individual and group coaching programs, digital products and high-end mastermind or retreat experiences that allow you to make massive impact and purpose-driven profit. Together, we create dynamite content with a marketing and enrollment plan to match.
  • Select hooky titles and co-create jazzy descriptions for speaking topics to ensure you get booked for live and virtual engagements and become a go-to thought leader in your industry.
  • Identify target speaking and media opportunities (i.e., podcasts, TV segments, online and print media) and put together a submissions calendar and customized pitch sequences that have decision makers screaming YES to you and your message!
  • Design powerful stage offers and high-converting sales calls that enable you to stay classy and in your integrity as you connect with audience members and invite them into your individual and group offerings.
  • Develop speaking materials – from a speaker one-sheet to a speaking web page — and identify the content for a speaking reel and press kit.

Spotlight Speaker Mentorship is by invitation, and packages begin at $7500 USD with flexible payment plan options. Click the button below to begin the short application process.


While there is no greater way to build a business or share your ideas (so that you can make a big, positive impact) than through public speaking, I understand that a lot of emotion, sensation and mental chatter may be coming up when you think about starting or scaling your speaking.

For years I was under valuing, and as a result under delivering, on my potential as a speaker and thought leader. Days and sometimes weeks before a speaking opportunity I’d be overcome with anxiety and insomnia. Then, when I would speak, my voice would quaver. I’d break out into sweats. I rarely if ever wowed an audience. And sometimes I actually paid more to get a speaking gig than I made from it. Many of my clients, irrespective of title or years on the speaking circuit, have been here too.




Check-out a few of the people I’ve supported from the self-doubt (and at times, self-sabotage!) through to big-time success.


“Since working with Lex, I’ve sharpened my speaking skills, clarified my niche and my audience, re-launched my website, developed an online course and learned how to pitch. Lex possesses the rare combination of business and marketing genius, emotional intelligence and intuitive knowing that she uses to push you beyond what you think is possible for yourself. She is inspiring, generous of heart and a writing and editing whiz… she’s real and the real deal.”

Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD
Speaker, Physician and Wellness Warrior

“Working with Alexia Vernon, attending her retreats, and using the techniques she shares in her courses have been game-changing for me. Seriously, she’s helped me grow my speaking career in ways I never thought were possible, and she is like no other teacher in this field. Most teachers are good at delivering information, but not many are skilled at facilitating transformation in their students. It takes a gifted teacher with a lot of heart… and Lex most certainly did that for me. Lex has been instrumental in helping me up my speaking game, and the leaps and bounds that my speaking has taken in the past year are truly astonishing.”

Gabriela Pereira
Author, Speaker, and Founder of DIY MFA


“Since working with Alexia I have been a beacon of hope for other sex violence survivors, seen an increase in my life-coaching business, and secured a top speaking agent!”

Toshia Shaw
Author, Speaker, and Transformational Life Coach

“I decided to work with Alexia Vernon because I was looking to level up: my business, my mindset and my goals for how I could serve children, their families and other professionals in my industry. Lex has a way of combining solid business advice and mentorship with a sensitivity and a humanness to one’s personality and purpose. As an already successful and recognized childhood nutritionist, Lex helped me explore bigger dreams, including ways to advance my thought leadership, and helped me outline a proven path with the know-how to make those dreams a reality. Under her mentorship, I was able to speak on the TEDx stage, create and launch a 6-month mastermind program for pediatric nutritionists, revamp my website, land advisory board positions, and secure larger, lucrative speaking engagements outside of my industry. Working with Lex has been an amazing experience. She delightfully exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend her as a speaking coach and business mentor!”

Jill Castle
Childhood Nutrition and Feeding Expert, Author and Speaker


“I decided to join the Spotlight Speakers Collective and work with Alexia because even though I had been speaking and in business for myself for 10 years, I knew there was room for improvement. Through the Collective experience, I have realized that speaking is an art, a skill and a business – and that my soft-spoken style is needed and appreciated in the world. Through Lex’s masterful program, I can create a speaking outline, craft a powerful presentation, rehearse appropriately and deliver my material in a way that is clear, intentional and successful. Through the Collective, I have also refined my image consulting offerings, developed new service offerings to work with speakers and thought leaders, been an image consultant for a TEDx, learned how to book corporate trainings and created new business associations and friendships I never thought possible. I would not hesitate to work with Lex again. My speaking and presentation skills have improved beyond what I imagined they would. She is smart, savvy and an absolute joy to work with.”

Kathleen Audet
Image Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer

“Lex has a special way of helping you to see your potential - beyond what you believe is possible for yourself. And she knows how to push you past your fears and into inspired action. Through my work with Lex, I learned how to position myself for speaking bookings that I never thought possible. I discovered how to create brand partnership with companies and book organizational trainings. Plus, I learned how to create presentations that make genuine impact. If you are ready to take your business and message to the next level, I highly suggest having Lex help you do just that!”

Courtney Bentley
Health and Fitness Coach, Speaker and Host of The Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous Podcast


“I came to working with Alexia purely through serendipity, grace and intuition. I’m not one to believe passively in the idea that the “universe knows” but in this case it did, and the message came via a Facebook ad. Working with Lex, I critically examined and refined my speaking skills and learned to hone my abilities to successfully deliver my “idea worth spreading” into a variety of forms including a TEDx talk, workshops and keynotes I have facilitated locally, nationally and internationally for renowned professional associations and business groups. She also partnered with me as I created a book proposal which was promptly picked up by a literary agent. (And I was offered representation by multiple top agents in Canada, where I live!) Lex quickly developed a deep understanding of my message and jumped in fully to mentor and guide me as I moved it forward. Working with Lex is an adventure and a gift I would highly recommend you give yourself!”

Kathy Kortes-Miller
Professor, Speaker, and Author

“Working with Alexia was phenomenal. Even though I was comfortable teaching in front of groups, I definitely wasn’t fully comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I knew I wanted to “find my voice”, get cozy in my skin while on stage, and weave in the ability to tell stories for greater impact with my message. My time with Alexia provided me with that…and so much more.”

Christina Ambubuyog
Founder, and Speaker


“I’ve got one word for Alexia. “Masterful.” She is so talented and powerful in the most caring yet direct way. She sees right through our inner nonsense and calls us forward while calling us out on where we can grow. Watching Alexia facilitate The Spotlight MasterTreat gave me a ton of ideas for how to incorporate speaking, workshops and retreats in my future!!! More than any other experience for my professional or personal growth, working with Alexia in Your Spotlight Talk and The Spotlight MasterTreat has blown me away from start to finish. She is incredible at what she does and her unparalleled professionalism is both inspiring and completely genuine.”

Marcie Mauro
Mindset Expert, Speaker and Intuitive

“With Alexia's guidance and coaching, I was able to clarify the message that I am passionate about sharing with the world. Our work gave me the tools I need to turn my message into action - resulting in amazing speaking opportunities, booking workshops at influencer events, planning my own transformational retreat program, and launching a new high-level offering.”

Elizabeth Shaw
Author, Speaker, Event Planner and Optimism Expert


“Within 2 months of our work together, I had applied and been selected to give a TEDxWomen talk. I’ve booked a variety of prestigious keynotes since. I have been featured on media including PBS, ABC, CBS,, have built influential relationships with colleagues and corporations, and I’m enjoying freelance writing and consulting opportunities. Not only did Lex help me craft and deliver passionate, purposeful and persuasive presentations, but she has also brought focus and peace to my professional career (and to the rest of my life). Lex’s ability to give me honest and constructive feedback has transformed my life for the better. Today, I have more focus and my daily tasks align with my goals making my actions more purposeful. I am no longer concerned with being the best but rather focus on doing my best. And I’m accomplishing a whole lot more in the process.”

Clancy Cash Harrison, MS, RDN, FAND
Author, Speaker, Registered Dietician, and Food Justice Advocate

“Lex’s expanse of business knowledge is incredibly helpful – she is far more than a speaking coach. I trust her with anything about my business from its site and marketing, to its outreach and ability to scale. Our private coaching sessions were invaluable as I’d leave with clear actions to take that I knew would have a positive impact on my business.”

Shannon Elhart
Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Founder of Green Heart