“Alexia is a powerful example to the next generation of women.”

Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author

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After winning the Miss Junior America competition at nineteen, Alexia Vernon was thrust onto the speaking circuit. For approximately two decades, Alexia has wowed audiences across industries and sectors with her keen insights, heartfelt and moxieful storytelling, infectious humor and boundless optimism.

Wise, witty and with just the right amount of woo, Alexia Vernon’s keynotes don’t just inspire and educate, they radically shift thinking and behavior. Your audience will laugh, quite possibly cry, and above all, they will learn to speak and lead with unshakeable presence and undeniable impact - so they can speak with moxie and leave the legacy they were born to make.

Las Vegas keynote speaker, Alexia Vernon, live on stage!
It’s not often I am moved beyond words… but you did it today. Thank you for kicking off the Career Services Conference with your keynote! You are certainly a master of your craft!
Robert Shindell, Ph.D. | President & CEO, Intern Bridge

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Step into Your Moxie is a soul-stirring call-to-action for women to speak with moxie.


Step into Your Moxie®

In her signature keynote, award-winning author and transformational speaking expert, Alexia Vernon, presents a soul-stirring call-to-action to speak up and out – in your career, business and personal life. Alexia fuses hilarious and at turns heartbreaking stories of living and growing through abuse, postpartum depression, and thyroid cancer with mindful and actionable advice to slay diminishing self-talk and cultivate the mindset and behaviors to be able to walk into any room (or onto any stage) and use your words to speak up for yourself, the ideas and issues that matter to you (and your organization), and move people to action. A perfect fit for women’s leadership events for emerging and established female leaders, this keynote can also be delivered for mixed-gender audiences.

You Will Learn To:

  • Reconcile your desire to claim visibility with the insecurity increased visibility often triggers, so you can move forward - fast
  • Reclaim the role of protagonist in your own story and lay the foundation for empowered self-talk and influential communication
  • Speak your truth and demystify key persuasive strategies to communicate what you want clearly - and with empathy and compassion - so others can act on your words
  • Adopt a growth mindset to experience setbacks as opportunities that allow you to cultivate resilience and grit
Step into Your Moxie is a soul-stirring call-to-action for women to speak with moxie.

Speak with Moxie: Persuasive Conversations That Inspire Action

Whether you are a senior leader, a sales professional, a manager or entrepreneur, few situations are more anxiety producing than those where you want your communication to drive people to take action. Whether you are seeking to persuade colleagues or team members to champion a new initiative, you want someone to respect a professional boundary, or you want to call an audience to take action on your ideas at the end of an important presentation, you want your communication to be persuasive – and you want to be in your full integrity as you communicate. In this bold and playful keynote, award-winning author and transformational speaker, Alexia Vernon, will show your audience members how to speak with moxie and sculpt persuasive communication so that people are eager to say yes to them and to their ideas.

You Will Learn To:

  • Create credibility, likability and trust with any audience by speaking to the conversation in their heads

  • Master a storytelling process that facilitates breakthroughs and buy-in

  • Integrate pain points and personal motivators into pitches, negotiations, daring conversations, and other persuasive communication to move people through real and self-imposed resistance

  • Make heart-centered, high-impact persuasive communication your new norm – even if, especially if, you are an introvert or experience discomfort selling yourself, your ideas, or your company’s products or services

"Everything about Alexia’s style knocked my socks off, but what stands out most is her innate ability to meet each person exactly where they are and move them toward achieving their goals."

Lynn Barboza | Former HR Manager, City of Las Vegas


We’re Listening: How Companies Champion Women Post #MeToo

As companies across industries and sectors strengthen their policies to prevent sexual misconduct, it’s easy for organizational leaders to focus on protecting their female employees rather than on creating a culture that truly empowers them to speak up and lead. For companies to retain (and, in many cases, earn back) the trust of their women, position themselves as brands high potential women want to work with, and attract female clients and consumers, it’s time for both male and female leaders to shift from sexual harassment prevention to corporate gender responsibility.

You Will Learn To:

  • Discover the key components of an effective corporate gender responsibility initiative—and learn why having one benefits all employees
  • Create a company culture that makes it safe for all employees to have daring conversations about gender and power
  • Explore actionable strategies for restoring trust and addressing institutionalized and unconscious gender inequality

Create a "Speak Up" Culture to Increase Safety and Well-Being

Every time an employee fails to speak up in the workplace, it costs an organization an estimated $7500 USD. Failing to speak up, whether for oneself, staff, or on behalf of patients, is one of the greatest contributors to employee burnout and turnover, negative reviews, and costly mistakes. In this provocative and timely keynote, audience members demystify the key components of vocal empowerment so they can create a workplace culture that facilitates speaking up. They will explore the mental, physical, social, and professional benefits of vocal empowerment, explore common missed opportunities for vocal empowerment, and through exploring a variety of relevant scenarios, clarify how to communicate during uncomfortable and necessary leadership, staff, and client/patient conversations. This keynote is a perfect fit for healthcare organizations and conferences, but it can be delivered for any group committed to creating a "speak up" culture.

You Will Learn To:

  • Co-create a workplace communication culture where leaders, staff, and clients/patients experience the psychological safety to ask questions, present counter opinions, and move through discomfort and uncertainty
  • Develop the mindset and skillset to move through uncomfortable self-talk and physiological sensations that arise when speaking up
  • Deliver feedback that is clear, kind, leads to better workplace performance, and minimizes frustration, burnout, and turnover

Allyship: The Pathway to a Workplace That Works for All

Many organizations have diversity, equity and inclusion plans, yet too many employees don’t know how to show up as allies for employees with marginalized identities without centering their own voices and experiences in conversations and advocacy. Allyship, the practice of using your voice, power and influence to address the needs of one or more oppressed groups, is the key to creating safety, belonging and dignity for all employees. In this super timely keynote, audience members will clarify specific ways to engage in allyship. They will learn how to spot and address systemic and interpersonal conscious and unconscious bias. And depending on your organization's existing DEI programs and policies, this keynote can be centered around specific strategies to increase allyship for particular groups of employees or support allyship practices transferrable to many marginalized employee groups.

You Will Learn To:

  • Use key terminology related to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and allyship plus identify specific areas where individual and collective allyship is needed
  • Sculpt language to speak up individually and engage fellow coworkers in championing solutions that create equity and inclusion for all employees
  • Create psychological safety for fellow employees to have daring conversations about race, class, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, religion, age and ability that center the experiences of those with marginalized identities

Alexia, your presentation was a sweeping success! Our franchisees raved about you and felt the material was highly relevant to their businesses. We are so grateful for having your talents.

Gena Segno | Director, Gymboree Play & Music Corp





Dubbed a "Moxie Maven" by the White House Office of Public Engagement for her unique and effective approach to communication and leadership development, Alexia Vernon is the founder and president of Step into Your Moxie. Since winning the Miss Junior America competition, she has delivered transformational keynotes and programs for Fortune 500 companies, healthcare and educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, and the United Nations. She has contributed to media such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Entrepreneur.com, Forbes.com, Inc.com, European Business Review, and Women’s Health Magazine.

Alexia excels at supporting executives, entrepreneurs, and their teams to level-up their speaking and call people to take action. She is the author of multiple books including the award-winning, Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence in the World. She is the creator of the popular LinkedIn Learning course, Communicating to Drive People to Take Action, and is a proud cancer survivor.




“The feedback I have been receiving about your keynote (and workshop) is nothing short of glowing! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories, your wisdom, your energy and your voice with us. Your presence was truly a gift!”

Leandre Waldo | Director, Champlain College Marketing Department


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Alexia was an excellent choice of speaker for eWomenNetwork. Attendees told me Alexia was the most interesting presenter they’d heard!” Annie Gonni | Managing Director, eWomen Reno
Alexia always gives great advice on managing your career – or managing in the workplace. Tamsen Fadal | Emmy Award-Winning News Anchor