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Alexia Vernon Empowerment, LLC (AVE LLC) is one of the country’s leading providers of customized, client-centered communication and leadership training and consulting solutions. With experience in industries including, but not limited to, tech, financial services, hospitality, tourism, medical and education, AVE LLC is masterful at identifying clients’ needs and designing and delivering hands-on, skill-based learning and development solutions to meet clients and employees where they are, identifying where they need to be, and providing rehearsal opportunities and performance coaching to close the gap between the two. Led by Founder and President, Alexia Vernon, AVE LLC has established itself as a trusted leader in employee development and has a proven record of over delivering on client expectations.


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AVE LLC Consulting Services Include

  • Interactive, Behavior-Based, Skill-Development Training
  • Performance Coaching
  • Structured Interviews with Senior Leadership, Management & Employees
  • Job Shadowing & Observation
  • Subcontracting with Personality and Leadership-style Assessment Providers
  • Hosting and Curating Events (i.e., speaker series, workshops, retreats, conferences and institutes)
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AVE LLC Signature Training Program Areas

  • Interpersonal Communication Core Essentials
  • Presentation Skills
  • Female Leadership
  • The Coach Approach
  • Communicating in Difficult Times
  • Negotiation
  • Train-the-Trainer (and Train-the-Facilitator)
  • Onboard & Retain New Hires
  • 5 Generations in the Workplace (integrating Millennials and Generation Z into a Multi-Generational Workforce)

Whether you are seeking to strengthen your female leadership pipeline, develop your managers’ coaching skills or create a culture of effective communicators and presenters, to explore how AVE LLC can design, deliver and help you evaluate learning and development success, contact AVE LLC VP of Operations, Lysa Greer, at lysa@alexiavernon.com.

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