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Episode 114: Persuasive Presentations and Pitches with Connie Wilder



In episode 114 on persuasive presentations and pitches, I (and you!) have the pleasure of hearing from executive and presentation skills coach, Connie Wilder.

Connie Wilder is a bright, gifted, big hearted coach whose work is very synergistic with mine.

She is the president and CEO of Wilder Coaching. As an executive and presentation skills coach, her sweet spot is showing leaders how to connect with their own worthiness in order to make better decisions, speak with clarity and impact, and harness the energy needed to recognize their full potential and lead with their full potential.

With 20+ years as an expert in leadership development, Connie’s magnetic personality and passionate, engaging speaking style empowers her clients and audiences to lead from the inside out, navigate through institutional and self-imposed roadblocks, and transfer their insights into concrete action.

With a focus on communication, public speaking, persuasive presentations, and leadership development, Connie helps leaders build an emotionally intelligent mindset and skill set which empowers them to transform the way they think, present, and lead.

Connie was recently honored as a “Volunteer of the Year” by the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) for her work as the presentation skills coach for MEDA’s Million Dollar Challenge.

During our conversation on persuasive presentations and pitches, Connie and I discuss:

  • The mindset and skillset required to design and deliver effective, high-converting, persuasive presentations and pitches
  • Top tips to navigate the real and self-imposed resistance that comes up when pitching on behalf of yourself or your business
  • Powerful lessons Connie has learned as the speaking coach for MEDA’s Million Dollar Challenge – including how little VC funding still goes to women-led ventures
  • Connie’s profound advice to business leaders as well as the coaches, consultants, trainers, and experts who serve them about how to address issues of race (as well as gender) within organizations

In this episode

  • About Connie Wilder [ 3:20 ]
  • Connie’s top tips for giving persuasive presentations [ 7:15 ]
  • Navigating through difficulties by utilizing our awareness [ 14:25 ]
  • How women can empower themselves through discernment [ 22:20 ]
  • The ways that structure will liberate creativity [ 35:00 ]
  • All about MEDA’s Million Dollar Challenge [ 37:50 ]
  • How to address issues of race within organizations [ 46:20 ]

Moxielicious quotes

  • “I love creating a safe space for people to learn. As a coach, I don’t come to the table with all the answers; I come to the table with a strong ability to help my clients find the answers for themselves.”
  • “I want my clients to know what’s in their toolbox.”
  • “Use awareness, take a deep breath, and ask a question anyway. It’s not about having all the answers; it’s about asking more questions.”
  • “The journey inward is the path to our potential. ”
  • “We have lots of opportunities to introduce ourselves.”
  • “The tools that I have are designed to leverage creativity.”

Resources mentioned in this episode

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