Episode 307: Coach-the-Coach Episode with Melo Garcia


When a loved one dies, it’s easy to be overtaken by grief. For my episode 307 coach-the-coach guest, Melo Garcia, the death of her father, daughter, and mother over the course of three years could have been a grief she never climbed out of. Instead, Melo chose to envision a life beyond the pain and chose to heal. Then, she decided to become a grief coach to help others overcome their own losses.

In episode 307 of Moxielicious®, Melo and I begin by discussing her ideal coaching client. But as you’ll hear, there’s really a much deeper and juicer conversation that wanted to be had.

We pivoted and discussed:

  • Why, as coaches, we get stuck on questions like “Who is my ideal client?” rather than asking uncomfortable questions about who we are (and want to become) as coaches, speakers, and thought leaders
  • My #1 reminder that instantly allows us to sink back into our purpose when we spiral into self-doubt (Hint: It has to do with remembering our “responsibility” to serve.)
  • Melo’s big aha moment about picking-up the bullhorn and screaming from rooftops, “We need to normalize grief!”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: