Episode 407: It’s Not Burnout, It’s Betrayal with Lora Cheadle


Lora Cheadle is an expert in overcoming betrayal and confidently engaging in life again – whether betrayal is from an intimate partner, one’s body, life, or the realization that a person has betrayed themselves.

Lora is a former attorney, podcast host, and the author of FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self. She uses her experience of being shattered by her husband’s infidelity to help others reclaim their identity, self-worth, and enthusiasm for life after betrayal. Named a Top Influencer by Success Women’s Conference, she has spoken on numerous stages, including the Women’s Economic Forum in New Deli, India. Her work has been published in Thrive Global, Yoga Magazine, and Om Yoga Magazine, among others.

In episode 407 of Moxielicious®, Lora and I discuss why the feeling of burnout is often our body’s wake-up call to our real work of overcoming betrayal.

During our conversation, we discuss how to:

  • Spot the various forms of betrayal that can show up in our lives
  • Recover our self-trust after betrayal
  • Identify if our “burnout” is really an issue of self-betrayal
  • Radically untangle ourselves from other people’s judgements and expectations
  • Move betrayal through our body (Hint: Lora shares a fun and effective burlesque move to do this)

If you have a sense that “overcoming betrayal” is important healing work for you, and an important part of leveling up your career or business, be sure to listen in.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: