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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills


While public speaking and the interconnected skills of developing unshakeable speaking presence, structuring a compelling presentation, telling evocative stories, and calling an audience to take action are some of the most important skills for a senior leader or employee’s success, few organizations are consistently investing in their people’s speaking skills.

What if your employees had the ability to walk into any room (or onto any stage) and unapologetically speak up for the ideas and issues that matter most to your organization?

What if your organization’s executives and senior leaders could develop the confidence and skills to master the high stakes presentations they are called upon to give?

And what if key personnel were regularly sharing your company’s wisdom and best practices at prestigious conferences and industry events?

It’s time to develop your people’s speaking abilities, and share your company’s thought leadership with a wider audience!


1) High-Stakes Executive Presentation Skills

C-Suite leaders are frequently called upon to speak.

  • To present financial information to board members
  • Inspire senior leaders to implement new initiatives
  • Deliver difficult news to employees
  • Share organizational best practices as keynote speakers and panel participants

Irrespective of the high stakes situation, for executives and senior leaders to generate the results they seek from their speaking, they must navigate through real (and at times, self-imposed) barriers to communication success. Possess a clear understanding of their executive speaking style. Know how to leverage it when speaking to fellow leaders, board members, colleagues, and other stakeholders. And create presentations that integrate both their personal and organizational “secret sauce.”

Designed for individual C-Suite leaders as well as senior leadership teams, support can include:

  • Ongoing, one-on-one executive speaking coaching
  • An in-person strategy day to develop a keynote, funding pitch or important business presentation
  • Small group, experiential coaching and training for leaders to develop their authentic speaking style and amplify their verbal and non-verbal speaking skills

2) Team Speaking Coaching

Step into Your Moxie® team speaking coaching will support leaders, sales professionals, trainers, HR leaders and other key personnel to:

  • Slay self-doubt and amplify authentic speaking presence
  • Demystify their interpersonal communication and presentation style – and learn how to harness it whether speaking to an audience of one or 100+
  • Establish credibility, facilitate connection, and drive listener commitment (without puffing up and posturing)
  • Integrate vulnerability, storytelling, humor and powerful questioning to facilitate audience learning and transformation
  • Create pitches and presentations that spark  insight, shift thinking and behavior, and leave audience members riveted (and saying yes)
  • Sculpt on-brand messages and speak with moxie in impromptu speaking situations
  • Compile and practice using words, phrases and gestures that heighten persuasiveness (and, when appropriate, lead to more sales)
  • Strengthen their ability to address audience/stakeholder questions and be flexible, charismatic and on message when unanticipated questions emerge
  • Recover from occasional speaking performance hiccups with ease and grace

Whether through ongoing team coaching and training, intensive on or off-site retreats, or daylong experiential training sessions, collaboratively, we will identify the right speaking solution for your organization.


3) Thought Leadership Positioning Through Speaking

Have you have pioneered new technology or research?
Created an unorthodox, highly effective approach to employee engagement or leadership development?

Developed noteworthy best practices you want to share with a larger audience?

Speaking can be a way for your organization to:

  • Increase brand awareness in the marketplace
  • Establish thought leadership in your industry
  • Provide leadership development opportunities for employees
  • Drive recruitment and attract top talent
  • Boost sales and promote customer loyalty

If your company is looking to hone in on the big idea it wants to be known for, develop a keynote or TED-style talk for an executive or senior leader, or identify speaking opportunities and book high profile speaking engagements for key personnel, Step into Your Moxie® programs can support your thought leadership goals.


Step into Your Moxie® is Distinct From(and More Effective Than) Traditional Professional Development

Traditional organizational presentation skills training focuses on showing employees the “how to’s.”

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Weed out filler words
  • Structure a compelling presentation
  • Increase vocal variety
  • Create engaging slides
  • Submit a speaking proposal

While Step into Your Moxie® programs address these issues, they treat them as symptoms of larger problems and get to the source of them.

  • Not knowing how to play nicely with sensation that arises when presenting
  • Failing to connect powerfully with an audience
  • Lacking a rinse-and-repeat process for structuring presentations that move peopleto take action
  • Misunderstanding one’s unique speaking style – and how to embody it in interpersonal communication and presentations
  • Hiding behind organizational or expert research rather than embracing one’s point of view
  • Applying online for speaking opportunities – rather than cultivating mutually-beneficial relationships with conference chairs, event organizers and meeting planners

Step into Your Moxie® coaching and training solutions do not only teach what to do to become a better public speaker.

Developed and led by Alexia Vernon, Step into Your Moxie® public speaking programs integrate role play, rehearsal and real time feedback and coaching to ensure senior leaders and employees positively:

  • Shift their mindset
  • Amplify their confidence and sense of worthiness
  • Bolster their sales and persuasive speaking abilities
  • Secure prestigious speaking opportunities
  • Transfer their learning into lifelong speaking success and heightened leadership performance
Alexia Vernon is the author of "Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice Visibility, and Influence in the World." She is also a sought-after speaker, coach, consultant and media contributor.

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