Here are four recommendations to ensure you bring speaking mastery to your presentations and coaching, consulting and training offerings

Do your speaking and offerings show your mastery?

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One of my favorite compliments to receive is that I exhibit mastery. Whether I’m told I’m a masterful keynote speaker or that I am an expert speaking coach, each time I’ve received such a compliment inside I’ve giggled like a goofy school girl – because for too many years in my business I felt like the only thing I was …

If you want to make it easy for event organizers to book you for speaking gigs, follow these 5 tips.

Make it easy to get booked for speaking gigs

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When I first hung out my shingle as a speaker, coach, and consultant, one of my areas of expertise was supporting organizations to set their new hires up for success through their onboarding programs. (I even wrote a book on it.) Onboarding is the practice of making it easy for employees, during their first 90 days, to succeed. There are …