Episode 101: Welcome to Moxielicious. Are you my podcast listener?


Are you my Moxielicious podcast listener?  

If you are a coach, consultant or business leader who wants to unapologetically speak up for yourself, your companyand the ideas and issues that matter most to you, then the answer is YES!  

This podcast is also designed for industry leaders (like you?) who have been called to develop the voices of their people – but who know they need to dial-up their own voices…. right alongside them. 

In this inaugural episode, I talk about moxie’s origin as a “medicine,” invented by Dr. Augustin Thompson in the 1870s, which was designed to give consumers vigor, pep, bravery and courage. (While it was more soda than medicine, as you’ll hear, the history is still fascinating.) 

My own journey to stepping into my moxie and being Moxielicious hasn’t been smooth. It took me a painfully long time to speak up for myself consistently. My outer voice was squeaky, even on the good days, as I detail. 

Later in this episode, I tell a story about being a keynote speaker at a conference a decade ago and having a lightbulb moment that led to the launch of the Step into Your Moxie® brand 

Plus, I give the highlights on what listeners like you can look forward to in the first season of Moxielicious.  

In This Episode:  

  • What is moxie? [ 2:00 ]  
  • About my journey to moxie 3:25 ] 
  • How being the closing keynote speaker at a PitchFest sparked the idea for the Step into Your Moxie® brand 8:55 ] 
  • Why being Moxielicious is a process and not a final destination 14:30 ] 

Moxielicious Quotes:  

  • Who do I want to be by the time I get married? 
  • I used to hate it when other women shared their stories or successes. 
  • If we crave it, we can create it. 
  • “Being moxielicious is an unapologetic and deeply self-compassionate approach to how I speak to myself and to others that allows me to feel like I’m the protagonist of my life.”

Links Mentioned:  

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