Episode 107: The Dos and Don’ts of Pandemic Pivots


In episode 107, I share my recommendations for how to approach a pandemic pivot. And, you’ll have to excuse me, because, in this episode, I use phrases like “navigate these unprecedented times” a few too many times!

Typically, we pivot when the pain of staying where we are is finally becoming more intolerable than the pain of moving in a new direction. Under normal circumstances, we pivot because we’re burned out from doing what we’ve been doing, working the way we’ve been working, or because our products and services aren’t moving the way they used to. More recently, we might be pivoting because there’s a bloody pandemic, and we are literally unable to do what we used to do.

Sometimes, we end up making concessions that we don’t want to make. Like in a crisis, we create short-term comfort, which will end with long-term consequences. You want to make sure your pandemic pivots make sense in the long-run. We should never settle for fast but messy actions even during uncertain times.

Irrespective of the reason for a pandemic pivot, we want to make sure that our pivoting is moxielicious; in other words, we are strategic AND tactical. We need to be clear on WHY we are doing what we are doing (that’s being strategic). And we need to be deliberate about HOW we are doing it (that’s being tactical).

In this timely, relevant episode on finding your approach to a pandemic pivot, I’ll also share:

  • Why it’s vital to find your “pivot point” so that you can turn, adjust, and recapture some semblance of balance
  • How to ask yourself the right questions, spot fallacies in your thinking and behavior, and discern whether you are showing up from a place of faith or fear
  • The importance of staying open to how you can take action on your business/professional ‘why’ so it integrates with the life you want to live
  • How to ensure your pandemic pivot lets you not only bring in short-term revenue but also serve your long-term vision
  • The benefits of crafting “appetizer-sized offers”

In This Episode:

  • An inspiring pandemic pivot story [ 3:25 ]
  • About pandemic pivots [ 6:15 ]
  • Is fear driving your decisions? [ 10:35 ]
  • The importance of the word “decide” [ 15:45 ]
  • How we can fill the needs of this moment [ 19:30 ]
  • The benefit of crafting “appetizer-sized offers” [ 23:45 ]
  • Why we need to reframe our mess [ 29:15 ]

Moxielicious Quotes:

  • “The problem when we pivot because the pain of staying where we are, is worse than the pain of braving the unknown, is that we often are sloppy in how we end that pain. And, as a result, make concessions we don’t need to make.”
  • “Identify one of the more pressing problems your ideal client possesses, particularly right now, and pluck one of the many solutions you normally deliver and focus on just it.”
  • “Show up at 150% for clients through your appetizer offers. And then, use them as a bridge into more offerings after that person achieves success and is ready for more of you.”
  • “Control is the number one thing we crave, and it’s the number one thing we can’t have right now.”
  • “Surrender is our path back to moxie every time we detour into a panic.”

Links Mentioned:

  • My two big pandemic pivots include the launch of the Step into Your Moxie® Messaging Studio and the amplification of Executive Coaching.
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    And, as an executive coach, I will continue to support senior leaders to amplify their high-stakes speaking skills – particularly during this time where crisis communication is no longer an exception but rather the norm. From how to deliver difficult information to employees, to how to speak to investors and boards, to how to show up on video for employees and elicit trust and catalyze commitment when communicating, if you are an executive leader who wants to strike a balance between credibility and vulnerability, have a trusted partner to role play high-stakes conversations and presentations with, and receive deep support with your individual and organizational messaging, let’s talk.

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