Episode 106: Coach-the-Coach Episode with Amy Cunliffe


In my first coach the coach podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with design thinking expert, Amy Sekhon Cunliffe. Amy has a background in design thinking and consults with private and public sector organizations to create customer experiences that stick by leading groups, teams, and individuals through Design sprints. She also coaches entrepreneurs to build inspired businesses by combining their purpose, skills, and experience with design thinking.

As you listen to this sample coach the coach session, discover how it’s possible, very quickly, to clarify the central idea to your work, your speaking, and your programs. And, as you listen to this coach the coach episode, you’ll discover how to clarify the core marketing message you want to spread. I also brainstorm with Amy ideas for how to pitch her services to senior-level organizational decision-makers.

If you are a coach, consultant, or business leader, pay particular attention to how I coach the coach. How do I ask questions? Mirror back what Amy is saying? Sculpt the messages Amy is trying to get out? Allow Amy to see her own breakthroughs and clarify her immediate next steps?

When we begin, Amy says that she can’t clearly articulate her message. Although she has a lot of passion and different ideas, she also feels lost. And, because Amy hasn’t created an online platform, she’s unsure about how to increase her visibility and get known.

As Amy and I dive deep into our coach the coach session, you’ll see Amy discover the “big idea” for her speaking and thought leadership. We start to map out her content, and we discuss how to use a high-touch approach to growing her audience. Plus, we discuss using LinkedIn as a search engine and how to build visibility online – even when face-to-face opportunities are not possible.

In This Episode:

  • About Amy Cunliffe [ 1:45 ]
  • How Amy would like to receive coaching [ 6:30 ]
  • What an audience should take away from Amy [ 8:35 ]
  • We have always been programmed to have the right answer [ 14:00 ]
  • About flow state [ 15:15 ]
  • Utilizing a case study [ 21:30 ]
  • A shift in the way we are doing business [ 25:00 ]
  • Using LinkedIn as a search engine [ 30:10 ]
  • Speed bumps that could get in Amy’s way [ 34:55 ]

Moxielicious Quotes:

  • “When we see it, it becomes real for us.”
  • “I want you to be a better problem-solver and love what you do along the way.”
  • “Fall in love with the problem, not with the solution.”
  • “I’ve solved this first problem, now I’m ready to solve the bigger problem.”
  • “Start with where you are.”

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