In episode 110, I’m joined by two extraordinary women, Dr. Gertrude Lyons and Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis, for a heart-opening, soul-shifting conversation on family leadership.

Episode 110: Dr. Gertrude Lyons & Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis on Leading with Moxie in Our Families



In episode 110, I’m joined by two extraordinary women, Dr. Gertrude Lyons and Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis, for a heart-opening, soul-shifting conversation on family leadership.

If you’re anything like me, while you may be rocking leading with moxie in your professional life, you may find there are a lot of landmines preventing you from consistently doing it with your partner, children, parents, siblings, and other biological and chosen family members.

In our conversation, Gertrude and Lynyetta share ways to be gentle with ourselves in our family leadership so we can find ways to heal unproductive habits and show up from a place of curiosity and exploration.

Dr. Gertrude Lyons is Lead Faculty member, Senior Life Coach, and Director of Family Programs for The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential and… she is rewriting The Mother Code. She has made it her mission to challenge traditional notions of what it means to mother by facilitating raw, open conversations around mothering, womanhood, and parenthood that no one else is having. She has spent the last 18 years empowering individuals, couples, parents, and families to bring out their best selves through helping them realize meaningful, successful lives, with the aim of bringing new perspectives on personal transformation to as many people as possible. Today, Dr. Lyons is on a mission to help women reclaim their lives through mothering and create a safe space where women can express their dreams, fears, and truths around motherhood.

Dr. Lynyetta G Willis is a psychologist, family empowerment coach, speaker, and author. Lynyetta helps frustrated families break free from stable misery, unhelpful patterns, and toxic cross-generational cycles so they can create the joy they crave with those they love. Through her transformational coaching and engaging presentations and workshops, her clients and audiences learn to strengthen their parenting, partnership, and personal growth practices so they can feel harmony in their hearts and homes. Lynyetta is the creator of the highly acclaimed Elemental Living® Model for Family Empowerment and the Spirituals PATHS for Evolving Relationships Framework™. A sought-after speaker, media contributor, and author, Lynyetta’s multi-award winning book, My Forgotten Self: A Story about a Girl, a Powerful Encounter, and a Universal Message, has received high acclaim from individuals such as Dr. Shefali Tsabary, “Oprah’s Parenting Expert” (and the author of The Conscious Parent).

I’m privileged to call both Gertrude and Lynyetta not only beloved clients and friends, but I also see them as two of my spiritual guides.

During our conversation, you will amplify your family leadership as we discuss how to:

  • Re-write The Mother Code and create the mindset and habits to be a “relationship evolutionary”
  • Spark joy in your relationships with your family members (even those who trigger your least moxielicious responses)
  • Recognize beliefs and behaviors that aren’t serving your family, and without casting blame on yourself or others, increase consciousness about the beliefs and behaviors you want to bring into family relationships moving forward
  • Begin to heal lingering traumas from your family of origin, and see your family relationships as opportunities for your own self-growth and leadership

In this episode

  • About Gertrude and Lynyetta [ 4:25 ]
  • How Gertrude and Lynyetta found their soul’s work [ 7:20 ]
  • Why we need to push back on the prevailing mother code [ 11:30 ]
  • About relationship evolutionaries [ 14:45 ]
  • How to practically work on family leadership [ 16:25 ]
  • Why we often aren’t harnessing joy from family relationships [ 24:10 ]
  • How to spark joy in your relationships with your family members [ 27:15 ]
  • Final tips for showing up for your family by utilizing family leadership [ 35:40 ]

Moxielicous quotes

  • “We are all mothers – we give births to ideas, relationships, and dreams.” -Gertrude
  • “Revolutions are not always fun, but the growth is powerful.” -Lynyetta
  • “We can change the stories that we tell ourselves.” -Lynyetta
  • “Once you identify the good, the bad, and the ugly, you can create a vision for where you want to go.” -Gertrude

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