Episode 111: Storytelling for Changemakers with Stephanie Forté



Whether you self-identify as a coach, consultant, business or thought leader – or you lead change as a nonprofit, social justice, or educational leader, you will really enjoy episode 111 on storytelling for changemakers.

For more than 20 years, Stephanie Forté has been helping socially conscious brands and people to shape their stories and garner visibility for their products, programs, and services. Stephanie excels at guiding individual and organizational clients through the process of honest storytelling: getting clear on their aspirational messages and aligning core values with action to drive media attention.

The result: brands have scaled, audiences have been educated, and people have been inspired to make positive changes.

Stephanie’s skills in storytelling for changemakers and brand narrative help her clients get to the next level in their messaging and to stand out in a crowded, noisy marketplace. She is a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs, startup and early-stage brands, and nonprofits who want to clarify their story and develop actionable plans to land relevant media opportunities that amplify their message and attract customers and donors.

During our conversation, Stephanie and I chat about:

  • The key ingredients of a compelling brand story (You will love Stephanie’s storytelling for changemakers process that shows you how to develop your brand story as a solopreneur or business leader)
  • How businesses and individual thought leaders can creatively and effectively use stories in their branding and PR
  • Common mistakes to avoid when crafting or rewriting your brand story to ensure it aligns with your programs, products, and services
  • How to ensure your stories drive your publicity and media outreach
  • Why it’s critical to rewrite your own story so that you can build your business or movement

In this episode

  • About Stephanie Forté [ 2:50 ]
  • What makes for a good brand story [ 9:50 ]
  • How businesses can creatively use storytelling for changemakers [ 14:10 ]
  • The most significant mistake people make when storytelling for changemakers [ 17:30 ]
  • Other common mistakes to avoid when crafting your brand [ 21:00 ]
  • How to pitch your story for the media [ 24:50 ]
  • About changemakers and why stories are so incredibly effective for movements [ 30:10 ]
  • The stories that Stephanie had to rewrite for herself [ 33:50 ]

Moxielicous quotes

  • “What made you feel compelled to do what it is you’re doing now?”
  • “By not telling your truth, you are shortchanging everyone.”
  • “Let people see the people behind the brand.”
  • “People want to hear something relatable to their lives.”

Resources mentioned in this episode