Episode 112: Coach-the-Coach Episode with Anna Yen



In the second coach the coach podcast episode of season one, I had the pleasure of speaking with financial coach, Anna Yen. Anna runs FamilyFI, a personal finance community dedicated to empowering and inspiring families to master a positive money mindset with confidence.  Her sweet spot is showing her clients how to address their finances with intention, address their fears of not having enough, and set them up on a clear, financially growth oriented path.

As you will discover, Anna is definitely an expert in her space. She went to college at sixteen and, as an intern for JP Morgan by nineteen, Anna accrued significant investment banking experience. She’s worked in real estate investing and even cryptocurrency.

Yet, Anna’s childhood and early career experiences left her with a story that she is not a confident and competent communicator – particularly during her sales conversations.

Whether you are a coach, consultant, business, HR or talent development leader, pay particular attention to how I coach the coach.

Observe how I step into the role of a hypothetical client for Anna. And, through role play, how I coach her to speak persuasively to the conversation in my head and in my heart

Also, keep your ears open for Anna’s aha moment about how to sell (and where her true credibility comes from) – after we process the role play experience. Hint: It’s not from her great advice (although there is no doubt she’s pretty brilliant and has a lot of wisdom to share) and rather from something much deeper.

Finally, I also want you to observe how I set Anna up to consider what happens when she mucks up her communication – how not to hold onto the incident and rather to learn from it so that can she can recalibrate and get back on her path.

Enjoy this coach the coach episode!

In this episode

  • About Anna Yen [ 4:30 ]
  • Anna shares her story [ 7:55 ]
  • Why Anna is reluctant to be assertive in her work [ 13:10 ]
  • About speaking directly as a thought leader  [ 21:15 ]
  • Why your worth is not your wisdom alone [ 24:30 ]
  • How do you let clients know that you understand? [ 27:00 ]
  • How we can practice self-compassion [ 28:45 ]
  • About using play during a client call [ 33:45 ]
  • How Anna found value during our coach the coach call [ 38:00 ]
  • What Anna wants others to know about our coach the coach call [ 45:25 ]

Moxielicous quotes

  • “When we bring it back to speaking about people’s desires, that’s where our credibility comes from.”
  • “Your worth is not your wisdom alone.”
  • “I play to keep my hands busy.”
  • “Having something tactical to do when I’m on a call allows me to keep the gaze in my camera with who I’m speaking with.”

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