Episode 302: Co-Leading a Coaching Company with Your Partner with Jesse & Lisa Ferrell


In episode 302, I’m joined by partners in business (JessTalk) and life – Jesse and Lisa Ferrell. Prior to partnering as coaches and speakers, Jesse and Lisa worked in the corporate world in a variety of roles for 35 years. Jesse went from being a busboy to becoming the Executive Director of Casino Marketing. Meanwhile, Lisa managed an extremely challenging and often toxic, high six-figure corporate sales role while raising three children as a single mom! It was through their personal struggles that they learned how to turn their careers around in midlife and, through their company, design an opportunity that afforded them the recognition, income, and fulfillment they craved.

Through JessTalk, and Lisa’s women-centered division, LisaListen, the Ferrells have spent 183,000 hours coaching others to reach their breakthrough success.

During our interview, Jesse and Lisa share how:

  • Knowing who is “1st chair” or “2nd chair” when it comes to finances, program fulfillment, and other business areas empowers them to work in their zones of genius
  • They grew their business revenue 500% over the last year while most speakers and trainers saw a massive decrease in revenue (Hint: The key was not pivoting)
  • They are able to bridge from initial corporate engagements to working throughout a company (They share a great example of how in one organization they quickly leveled up from coaching 3 employees to 13!)
  • Companies and their people need more coaching and support than ever before – and the top areas they are asked to address
  • Tough times can be the catalyst for our growth – whether we are coaches, consultants, or business leaders (and how JessTalk’s 3 As can support that growth)
  • Resources Mentioned in This Episode: