Episode 305: Pricing for Profitability and Premium Positioning with Jacquette Timmons


In episode 305, I talk about how to price your coaching packages with financial behaviorist, Jacquette M. Timmons. A mentor, fellow speaker and coach, and dear friend, Jacquette focuses on the human side of money and is committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money – you manage your choices around money.

In addition to being the author of Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate, Jacquette is the host of the More Than Money podcast, a frequent blogger, the creator of The Comfort Circle™ dinner series, and she leads “Pricing Made Human™” pricing workshops and events for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Jacquette’s work has been featured on Minnesota Public Radio, SiriusXM, Good Morning America, CNN, NPR and the Wall Street Journal. She holds an MBA in finance from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business and an undergraduate degree in marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and can be seen running in Prospect Park most days of the week.

In episode 305 of Moxielicious® on pricing your coaching packages, Jacquette and I discuss:

  • How our upbringing and culture shapes our lifelong relationship with money
  • Why pricing feels hard (and emotional!) and how to price your coaching packages confidently, strategically, and profitably
  • The importance of shifting from “charging what you’re worth” to pricing based on the value and impact of your services
  • Why Jacquette did not lower her coaching fees or keynote rates in 2020 – and how curiosity enabled her to increase her profits over the year

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