Episode 304: Build a Brand That Corporate Leaders Love and Connect to with Kim Wensel



In episode 304 of Moxielicious, I chit-chat with Kim Wensel about corporate messaging.

Kim is a strategic messaging consultant and writer with over ten years of experience leading nonprofit and small business communications. Her firm, Pattern of Purpose, helps founders, executives, and emerging philanthropists build a brand and platform reflective of their lived experience and expertise. Using the principles of storytelling, she provides a framework for communicating your message more effectively while still staying true to your voice.

In her first career, Kim worked as a program officer and grant writer for global and domestic organizations supporting women’s health and gender-based violence response and prevention. Kim holds a Master of Public Health and a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Virginia Tech. She’s fueled by coffee, thrives on a well-planned week, and while wildly extroverted is uncovering the essentialism of alone time.

In episode 304 of Moxielicious on corporate messaging, Kim and I discuss:

  • Why former nonprofit employees and leaders often carry a scarcity mindset and scarcity behaviors into entrepreneurship – and how to shed those old habits
  • How to integrate coming across as “professional” when working with organizations and their leaders without sounding “buttoned up, technical, or serious”
  • Why organizations want coaches and consultants with compelling stories and a clear point of view – but why entrepreneurs with personality brands may want to separate their personal brand from their organizational one
  • Tips for corporate messaging and marketing to organizations (Hint: It requires abandoning a lot of what’s done in the online marketing space)

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