Episode 405: Coach-the-Coach Episode with Tosha Schore


In my coach-the-coach podcast episode of season 4, I had the pleasure of coaching (and, as I explain early in the episode, strategizing with) Tosha Schore about opportunities in the “professional development speakers for teachers” space. Tosha is a parent educator committed to creating a more peaceful world, one sweet boy at a time, who wants to break into speaking to educators and parents.

A coach, speaker and co-author with Hand in Hand Parenting founder, Patty Wipfler, of Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges, Tosha is mom to three boys and an advocate for boys and their families worldwide. She is committed to creating lasting change in families and in the world by supporting parents to care for themselves, connect with their boys deeply, set limits lovingly, and play wildly. Tosha holds a BA in Women’s Studies and Language Studies from UCSC, an MA in Applied Linguistics from UCLA, and is a certified teacher and trainer of instructors in Parenting by Connection.

During our coach-the-coach episode, we dive deep into what it takes to break into the “professional development speakers for teachers” market.

In episode 405 of Moxielicious®, Tosha and I discuss how to:

  • Identify the focus for a signature presentation that can be adapted for educators and parents
  • Leverage speaking opportunities at national, regional, state, and local professional development conferences to connect with educational leaders for speaking opportunities at their institutions
  • Price speaking opportunities in the K-12 education space (Hint: It’s about selling daylong opportunities within a school)
  • Avoid being vague or dismissible by being unapologetic about having a specific focus in professional development

Whether you are curious about opportunities in the “professional development speakers for teachers” (and parents!) space, or you are looking for interesting speaker marketing tactics, I think you will enjoy this episode.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


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