Episode 502: Food Insecurity Impacts Us All with Clancy Harrison


I’m thrilled to celebrate National Nutrition Month with a registered dietitian, Clancy Harrison, in episode 502 of Moxielicious®.

A food equity advocate, TEDx speaker, and international thought leader, Clancy Harrison challenges the way food insecurity is approached and discussed. Her mission to demolish the stigma around food access places her on the cutting edge of advocacy.

Clancy is the founder of the Food Dignity® Movement, a strategic program for leaders who want to shift how they approach nutrition outreach by making healthy food access a priority. She transforms the lives of thousands of people through her work with corporations, non-profit organizations, and universities.

At the time of this recording, Clancy is an advisory board member for the Pennsylvania American Academy of Pediatrics Food Insecurity EPIC program, Ambassador of the National Dairy Council, and a past President of the Al Beech West Side Food Pantry where she has served over 3 million meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can tune in weekly with Clancy at The Food Dignity® Podcast.

During episode 502 of Moxielicious®, Clancy Harrison and I talk food insecurity. More specifically, we discuss:

  • How Clancy’s background as a dietitian and head of a food pantry illuminated misconceptions about hunger and food insecurity—and prompted her to launch the Food Dignity® Movement
  • The many faces of food insecurity—and how each of us is likely impacted and can play a role in addressing it
  • Why food dignity is an essential component for addressing food insecurity—and how centering dignity is a pathway to empowerment
  • How the ‘Food is Medicine’ movement can address certain forms of food insecurity—if the kinds of assumptions and biases Clancy highlights are prevented
  • Why experiencing food insecurity can be a catalyst for better leadership

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: