Episode 505: Opportunities in Digital Healthcare with Tracy Lewis


Tracy Lewis is currently the Health Coach Manager at Hinge Health, a leading physical therapy provider in the digital healthcare space.

In addition to being a board-certified health coach, Tracy has her own bravery-centered coaching practice, and she empowers audiences and clients to bravely navigate career and life transitions. She is a recovering perfectionist who shamelessly shares the story of reclaiming her own self-worth.

Tracy is on a mission to support other women to pursue their purpose and their passion in life. She has triumphed over much and now boldly speaks up and speaks out, encouraging women to be unapologetic about their career and life ambitions and to choose bravery in all facets of their lives.

In episode 505, Tracy shares her experiences leading a team of health coaches in the digital healthcare space. We discuss:

  • Opportunities and obstacles in the digital healthcare space—and why remote work and virtual care isn’t the right solution for everybody
  • Strategies to take care of your own mental health when you are in a role supporting other people’s health
  • The questions Tracy loves to ask her team to support their well-being
  • Important differences between coaching as an entrepreneur vs. coaching as an internal, full-time employee
  • Key lessons Tracy learned from “emptying the guts of [her] sales bag” and how she applies them in her work as a coaching leader

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: