Episode 504: Process Improvement for Work and Life with Mary Grace Gardner


Mary Grace Gardner, MPH is a corporate transformation leader, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and speaker who helps ambitious change-makers achieve personal and professional goals with ease and joy. An expert of process improvement, she helps her clients design the life they want without limits. Mary Grace rose quickly in her career, leading large-scale transformations in hospital and medical device industries, launched an educational coaching practice, and co-founded a corporate consulting company offering personal and professional development certifications.

Mary Grace is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, the co-founder of Human Centered Reliability, a start-up focused on personal and professional mastery, and the founder of The Young Professionista, where she supports college students to get into their ideal school and hone the skills they need to succeed in college while also supporting professionals in their further career development.

Mary Grace’s speaking topics include work/life integration, women and career, and creating sustainable systems for change. She has been featured in Business Insider, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, U.S. News and World Report, and Fast Company. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three young boys.

In this episode on process improvement, 504, Mary Grace and I discuss:

  • How upskilling can help a leader, employee, or entrepreneur to learn additional skills and ways to go about it
  • The many ways process improvement can support personal and professional growth
  • Mary Grace’s recommendations for how to test different pathways personally and professionally and optimize your happiness and performance
  • Recommendations for how to integrate work and life and prevent burnout

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: