Episode 507: Health Care Law and Women’s Leadership and Well-Being with Ayesha Mehdi, JD, MHSA


As a partner with Spencer Fane, LLP’s health care practice group, Ayesha Mehdi, JD, MHSA collaborates closely with healthcare providers and professionals, as well as closely held businesses, to provide legal guidance on various corporate, regulatory, and licensure matters. She serves as outside counsel to her clients, helping them achieve their objectives in areas such as physician employment, recruitment, mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures. Additionally, in the area of health care law, Ayesha offers solutions for handling professional board complaints, reimbursement issues, and corporate compliance to ensure her clients’ success.

Ayesha received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with honors in Finance from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in Michigan, and her Master’s in Health Services Administration, as well as her Juris Doctorate degree, from the University of Kansas.

Ayesha speaks at regional and national seminars and conferences for both legal and health care associations. She is also a pro bono attorney for the Children’s Attorneys Project of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.

In episode 507, we discuss Ayesha’s work in health care law plus her recommendations for how to:

  • Navigate the pressure to support a partner’s career and take the lead at home when you have your own career aspirations
  • Address physician burnout (and why it often leads to poor patient reviews)
  • Prioritize well-being and mental health (and why creating a predictable schedule for each day can help)
  • Center patient care within a profit-based health care system

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: