Episode 511: The Future of Healthcare is Personalized Care with Dr. Apeksha Desai


Dr. Apeksha Desai is a board-certified internist in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. She has been practicing medicine for nearly 14 years and has held several leadership roles including, most recently, serving as the Medical Director for OptumCare where she led a team of 135+ providers who delivered value-based care across 18 clinics in the Las Vegas Valley.

Now, Dr. Desai is the founder of Ace Primary Care, an organization focused on delivering excellent primary care. She specializes in delivering personalized care that empowers her patients to live their best lives.

Dr. Desai understands that healthcare is a business and one where she wants to have a seat at the table to make decisions. A physician entrepreneur, she’s proud to hold an MBA as well as an MD.

In episode 511 with Dr. Apeksha Desai, we discuss what it means to provide personalized care for patients in medicine. More specifically, Dr. Desai shares—

  • Key contributors to health and well-being and how she holds space for important conversations on mental health
  • Why having continuity in care facilitates better health outcomes and medical experiences for patients
  • Her approach to holding space for difficult conversations with patients
  • The difference between lifespan and healthspan—and why healthspan is a better goal
  • Why the mind-body connection matters and should be discussed in Western medicine

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  • Learn more about Dr. Apeksha Desai and, if you are in Las Vegas, experience her personalized care approach at Ace Primary Care
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