How to break-up with speaking anxiety (check-out my interview with Corinne Zupko)

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The first time I gave a speech, back in the third grade, I began my lengthy, dysfunctional relationship with anxiety. As you may know if you’ve gone through my Hotshot Speaker video training, my classmates laughed at me, I cried, and I made a pact (that I honored) to play safe and small. Do whatever it took never to feel …

When your fear is greater than your desire

When your fear is greater than your desire

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My last 90 days have been pretty epic. I’ve closed some super sexy speaking engagements. I hosted my third annual The Spotlight MasterTreat. I’m in the homestretch of my most profitable program launch to date. I’ve traveled a lot—to 5 different cities. I’ve retreated and masterminded with some amazing entrepreneurs on both coasts of the country. Made some new business …

Speakers Need to Master the Pause – Here’s Why

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Your program sounds great, but I’m pausing until the fall so that I can… My team and I received many emails with some version of this line last summer during one of our program launches. Now, while it was crushing to read these words again and again given how much head, heart, soul and hustle we had poured into said …