When your fear is greater than your desire

When your fear is greater than your desire

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My last 90 days have been pretty epic. I’ve closed some super sexy speaking engagements. I hosted my third annual The Spotlight MasterTreat. I’m in the homestretch of my most profitable program launch to date. I’ve traveled a lot—to 5 different cities. I’ve retreated and masterminded with some amazing entrepreneurs on both coasts of the country. Made some new business …

If you want it badly, let me help (VIP speaker coaching opportunity)

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A few months ago I asked my daughter, “How can I help you stop sucking your thumb?” Although she wasn’t yet two-and-half years old, given that I sucked my thumb until I was close to ten years old (and in my Hotshot Speaker Video Training I share the negative impact that had on my speaking), I was eager to support …