4 Tips on How to Start a Mastermind Group

How to Start a Mastermind Group (or High-Ticket Coaching Program)

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Since 2016, I’ve led a high-ticket coaching program, the Spotlight Speakers Collective. A 9-month mastermind for female entrepreneurs and change makers who want to use speaking and live events to grow their businesses and advance their thought leadership, the Spotlight Speakers Collective is unlike anything else in the marketplace. Fusing individual and group coaching, copywriting clinics, support with backend systems …

We are ALL impostors (plus, a big announcement)

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When Sheryl Sandberg talked about the “impostor syndrome” in Lean In, she brought into mainstream discourse a condition most of us have experienced even if we didn’t previously have a name for it. In the last 5 years since Sandberg’s book, there have been hundreds of articles, books, podcasts, training programs, etc. discussing the prevalence of high achieving women (and …