My top lessons for how to integrate social justice with self-improvement and speak up for the ideas, issues, and people who matter most to you

Integrate Social Justice with Self-Improvement

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I believe we, as a society, must dismantle the white supremacy that is entrenched in our institutions and in our conscious and unconscious beliefs and behaviors. We must elect and promote leaders who will lead us in this charge. And we must also use our voices to become the leaders we are waiting for. How we choose to use our …

How I processed and healed from body shaming online and allowed it to amplify my voice and mission as a speaking coach and keynote speaker

How Body Shaming Online Will Amplify My Voice

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During the two-weeks I ran Facebook ads for a recent launch, I experienced body shaming online so intense that I wanted to shove my six-year-old daughter back into my womb! For I fear what she, as a young woman growing up in a culture that has no problem weaponizing women’s bodies, is likely to encounter as she and her peers …

If we want anyone, whether in early childhood or older adulthood to step into moxie, we need to give them opportunities to role-play their communication aloud before asking them to speak up – or expecting them to have unshakeable presence when they do it.

JoJo Bows, Susan B. Anthony and Stepping into Moxie Family-Style

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After one of my September speaking trips, I came home to discover that my daughter had gone full-on princess. Within less than one-month of Pre-K, she had fallen in love with bows worn by a YouTube child star (despite having never watched YouTube), come home from school wearing a friend’s make-up, and while I was away, also developed a new …

tell the truth

If you want to be a changemaker, tell the truth

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Every time there’s a whistle blowing moment covered by the media, particularly when it revolves around sexual abuse or sexual harassment, I lose my breath a bit. At four-years old, when I told my family I was being sexually abused by a loved one, the reactions were… mixed. (That’s the polite way of saying that while a few people sought …

Join me in the convergence of spiritual and active people

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Political commentator and social activist Van Jones has said, “It’s in the convergence of spiritual people becoming active and active people becoming spiritual that the hope of humanity now rests.” I don’t believe these big words are over stated – even if they were initially articulated before the current times they describe. There has never been, nor do I suspect …

Who (and what) are you hiding behind?

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Over the last few months, multiple friends from my pre-business life have re-emerged. And in each case, the person has said something along the lines of— Lex, it’s so great to see you claim your voice and step into the spotlight. Hearing such words is incredibly validating. For while I’m one of the lucky ones (I had parents and teachers …

How much spotlight can you stand? (join me for a FREE event)

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Last week I did something very uncharacteristically Lex. I bought a purse. A name brand purse. A purse that totalled more than my last three or four purses combined. And it made me deeply uncomfortable. I first saw the purse a few months ago during what happened to be one of my highest earning months of the year, and I …

How to dynamize your webinars & live presentations

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In my last blog post, I shared with you the importance of telling your story on stage, and invited you to join my free Find Your ‘Secret Sauce’ as a Storyteller Facebook Live Challenge to buff up the muscles to tell powerful (and high-converting) stories on stage. One of the stages where storytelling, unfortunately, is often at its weakest—webinars. When …

Unlock Your Storytelling Superpowers

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One of my favorite compliments to receive as a speaker is, “you are an [insert flattering adjective of your choosing] storyteller.” Most speakers, myself included, spend a lot of attention and energy on unlocking our “signature story” – the story (or series of stories) that has given rise to our current work in the world. However, it’s equally important to …

How I’m Celebrating My Birthday (stepping into Melinda Gates’ shoes and channeling Brené Brown)

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Half my lifetime ago, almost to the day, I sat in the pews at the St. Madeleine Sophie Catholic Church listening to Melinda Gates address my senior class during our graduation. Now, on what will definitely be my most exciting birthday, I’m traveling back to my alma mater to deliver the high school commencement address. I was brought to deep, …