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Happy International Women’s Day! If you are not familiar with what that means, for over a century March 8 has been celebrated around the world as a day to shine a light and honor global women’s achievements, and identify ongoing priorities for working towards gender equality.

In case you didn’t know, the theme of 2017 is #BeBoldForChange. Apropos to stepping into your moxie, right?

How can you #BeBoldForChange in your work, in your community, in all facets of your life?

When I started off 2017, my word for the year was “ascension.” I was ready to soar in terms of my visibility, coaching impact, speaking and service in the world.

Just over 2 months into 2017, my new word is “uncomplicate.”

If I’m to be uncomfortably raw and honest with you, I am Worn. Out.

January 2017 was my highest grossing month of my business. But… I cried through waaaaaaaay too much of it.

For a while I’ve been confusing serving more with doing more.

Doing more free offers.

Doing more launches.

Doing more coaching programs.

Doing more tiers of coaching programs.

Doing more EVERYTHING.

When I read that this is the year of #BeBoldForChange, I don’t want to sound self-centered, but my first thought was, “Somebody made this theme for me. This is my hall pass to be bold and change the way I’m working.”

Slow down.

Less social media.

Less email.

Say no to anything not totally related to my current priorities.

Support my clients to check themselves and clear their business, speaking and mental clutter.

Give myself permission to have priorities that aren’t related to my business. (Like midday dance parties with my daughter, planning extra family vacations and going to family dinners dressed like superheroes.)

Oh, and prune my program offerings. Yup, I’m letting go of a lot in order to focus on the deeper work I love doing long-term with business owners and change agents who want to be speaking.

So when I ask you to think about what #BeBoldForChange means for you, know I’m also asking this of myself. I’m listening to my answers. And I’m recalibrating.

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Wishing you, irrespective of your gender/gender identity, a very Happy International Women’s Day – and giving you permission to #BeBoldForChange in all spheres of your life and work!