Unapologetic Truth Telling is My Brand Promise

AlexiaPersonal Branding

If we’re connected on Facebook, you may have seen me share the new branding photo above.

I love this photo for several reasons. I’m wearing my favorite blazer and crystal necklace. I’m sitting outdoors in the middle of Petaluma (one of my new favorite cities) on a crisp, sunny winter day. I’m holding a Moxieful mug. How cool is that? And… I have sizeable bags under my eyes.

I had great hair and make-up for my shoot (shout-out to Kat Louis), and some friggin’ phenomenal photos (thank you In Her Image Photography). Yet, I am one tired gal, and it shows.

You see the day before my trip, I woke up early to catch my daughter’s music show at school. Grabbed an afternoon flight into the Bay Area. Met up with one of my online mompreneur-author friends. And after our golden chai lattes and a late dinner with some of my friend’s friends, I drove myself to my hotel only to realize while trying to check-in that in my chronic busyness I had never actually booked myself a room.

It took me thirty minutes to accept I had no reservation. (The next day I would also learn I messed up my return plane ticket—booking myself to come home a month later!)

Once I conceded I had effed up (thank goodness, I didn’t yet know about the impending plane ticket snafu), I was accommodated in an economy room—the kind where your bed is so small your legs hang off the end, and if you put your arms out you can almost touch a wall in any direction.

And, while I craved nothing more than to shut my eyes for the night, I had promised a friend a book endorsement. So, I stayed up a couple of hours more to finish reading her book and pound out some well-earned niceties.

When six a.m. came the morning after, it was time to rise and put my moxie face on for my photo shoot.

While I don’t wear busy or exhaustion as a badge of honor, the last six months I’ve been tired a lot—and I have chosen not to edit that out of my photos.

My brand is moxie—and moxie requires honesty.

I’m not sure about you, but lately I’ve seen an increasing amount of “day in the life” videos from coaches, consultants and speakers.

And jeez, their lives are comparisonitis inducing. Hair and make-up is always immaculate. They’re doing yoga at sunrise, breastfeeding children throughout the day, lunching with friends in bougie cafes, and off their devices before sunset.

I have a great life, but the above scenarios do not reflect my day-to-day.

My husband, Steve, took the photo below of me a few days ago.

I was sitting at our kitchen table, surrounded by our daughter’s makeshift fort, toys strewn all over the place, trying to answer client emails and scarf down some half-frozen chicken tenders before several more hours of coaching calls.

In my head I was thinking, “Please don’t get too close to me, hon, I don’t want your cold. Crap, what if I get your cold when I’ve got a live event and a VIP Day next week? I’ve got less than two weeks to edit my entire book. I’m feeling overwhelmed, and tonight, if I want to get to bed before eleven p.m., I can choose to shower or exercise, but I can’t do both.” (Incidentally, I chose neither. I finished binge watching Matt LeBlanc’s Episodes.)

I talk a lot about telling the truth on stage.

I think it’s also time that I, we, start telling the truth about what our lives off stage (and off camera) really look like.

Running a business, giving speeches, writing a book while working full-time, and striving to be an agent of positive change in the world (oh yeah, and a wife and mom)—it doesn’t always look and feel sexy.

Even if we make self-care a value and a priority, most of us would commit an egregious act or two or ten to snag an eighth day of the week.

We teach what we have to learn—and remember.

I’m really excited for what the rest of the year has in store for me.

This week I’m leading my first Improv for Speakers and Trainers.

Shortly thereafter, I’ll lead The Spotlight MasterTreat.

This summer I’ll curate the next round of the Spotlight Speakers Collective.

Give my website a brand refresh.

Oh yeah, and finish editing Step into Your Moxie, record the audiobook, and birth my literary baby into the world.

You’ll see a lot of pictures of me living the life. It’s part of the game, and I’m willing to play it because my voice, my ideas and my work are important. And I believe when you know that you can positively (and radically!) improve people’s lives, you have not only an opportunity but also a responsibility to claim visibility so you can reach more people.

But I also want you to know—in pictures my photographers take, I won’t be airbrushed. I’ll post sloppy selfies as much as I post photos with glamorous friends.

I get tired a lot, and I’ll remind you of that—in hopes that when you’re tired you’ll realize you’re not alone.

I’ll also remind you how much I love this audience I’m growing, and I love my clients—at times to a point of enmeshment.

I’ll always tell you my truth on stage, in my programs, and in my writing.

Like that it’s not uncommon for me to go from giving a big-hearted, motivational speech to a group, and then find myself speaking self-flagellatey self-talk to myself before I catch it and reset.

I’m positive I shower and exercise less than you think I do.

On my best days, I may look like this.

But please know, I have my fair share of days where I look a lot less camera ready, and I’m okay with that.

May you be proud of the real life (and business) you are leading too, whatever stage you and it are in!