Episode 105: Navigating Self-Worth Squalls


In episode 105, we talk about the importance of self-worth. What does it mean to have self-worth, where does it come from, and what do you do when you realize it’s in short supply?

Whether we are an established thought leader or we are rising in our leadership and impact, one of our most important responsibilities to our people is to help them remember the importance of self-worth and navigate through self-worth squalls that come up as they seek to take action on their goals.

I refer to self-worth squalls as moments in your life that feel like they have come out of nowhere, and with excessive speed, have wound you into a storm – a storm where you question everything you think you know about yourself, your voice, and your power. However, every squall can give us a gift – that’s the importance of our self-worth.

Given this new, unprecedented moment we are in, we are tasked with helping our clients process their very legitimate fears – as well as supporting them to envision what life after the COVID-19 pandemic will look like.

And, as I share in episode 105, we can’t help our clients or are people remember the importance of their self-worth if we struggle with our own self-worth.

In addition to remembering that, when a self-worth squall emerges, it’s important to remind ourselves that it’s happening for you and not to you.

In this episode, I share:

  • Why trying to control a person, a situation, and even ourselves can be the worst thing for our self-worth – and what to do instead. (Hint: It has a lot to do with surrender.)
  • The “Hollywood Voiceover Strategy” and why it’s so helpful for grit and resilience.
  • Why quick wins can help us come home to our voices and reclaim our power.
  • Why to consistently step into thought leadership, your “why” has to be greater than your fear.
  • How occasional self-worth squalls can give us lots of gifts, including a deeper connection to joy.
  • How not to hold on to other people’s energy. We have to learn to let these things go.

In This Episode:

  • Why 2019 was a tough year for me [ 3:10 ]
  • The importance of self-worth and whether you can keep yourself out of a self-worth squall? [ 8:00 ]
  • How to navigate a self-worth squall [ 10:20 ]
  • Think about the lesson behind your self-worth squall [ 14:30 ]
  • Our self-worth squall moments can provide us gifts [ 19:10 ]
  • What are we holding onto that isn’t ours to keep? [ 24:50 ]

Moxielicious Quotes:

  • “We often underestimate our capacity for handling discomfort. And we often over-estimate how long we are going to be uncomfortable.”
  • “Everything is happening for you.”
  • “We must be committed to self-compassion.”
  • “Resilience is defined both as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and as the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape.”
  • “Self-worth squalls can give us the gift of creativity.”

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