Episode 314: Restorative Justice in the Workplace with David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris


On episode 314 of Moxielicious®, the focus is on Restorative Justice in the workplace. I’m joined by David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris (all five names for the ancestors) – who is the son of Bien and DP and the grandson of Ruth and Yolando as well as Ruth and Jesse.

As the Founder of Amplify RJ and host of “This Restorative Justice Life” podcast, he shares the philosophy, practices, and values of Restorative Justice as antidotes to white supremacy culture. Now living in “Los Angelish” with his wife Wendy, he leans on the training from his elders and his experiences doing Restorative Justice work in Chicago schools, community, and criminal legal settings to share knowledge and create experiences that help folks across the world understand Restorative Justice as a relationship centered-way of being, not merely a program for addressing harm.

My conversation with David about Restorative Justice in the workplace nourished me as much as it challenged me. It made me reflect on ways I unintentionally cause harm, how I account for and clean that up, as well as how I can better support coaches, consultants, and experts as well as business leaders to navigate high-stakes conversations around difficult topics and own their mistakes which, if we’re having important conversations, is inevitable.

During our conversation on the myriad applications for Restorative Justice in the workplace, David discusses:

  • What Restorative Justice is, why he’s passionate about this work, and why he started Amplify RJ
  • Potent examples for how Restorative Justice can be used to repair little h as well as big H harm
  • How to use Restorative Justice principles to minimize blame and shame that keeps people stuck in cycles of oppression and victimization
  • Core practices, questions, and conversation recommendations that coaches and practitioners as well as organizational leaders can use to bring Restorative Justice into their work and workplaces
  • How Restorative Justice interacts with racial justice, gender justice, LGBTQIA+ justice, and other types of equity work

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: