401: Grow your movement through a signature system

Episode 401: Grow your movement through a signature system


In the inaugural episode of Moxielicious® season 4, I talk about how to find a signature system that allows you to grow your movement as a coach, consultant, business or thought leader.

As I share near the top of the episode, the movement that my work as a speaking coach is all about is “speaking up.” More specifically, I want Step into Your Moxie® to be the go-to system for people ready to cultivate the mindset and skillset to be able to walk into any room, into any conversation, and onto any stage able to speak up for themselves, the ideas and issues that matter to them (and to their companies), and when they speak, call people to action.

The funny thing I’ve noticed about myself, most of my clients, and certainly a lot of the business, activist, and even educational leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years is that while they (we!) love talking about the “nature” of our work, we are often lousy at naming our approach to it.

We’ve been so socialized not to talk about how we do what we do, or to talk about features and benefits, that so much (too much!) of what we do has become rooted in instinct. We aren’t able to talk about the signature system or paradigm underpinning what we do.

Signature systems sell our work to prospective clients – and they facilitate transformation for the people we work with.

You need one. It can be yours. It can be somebody else’s. That’s up to you – as I discuss in this episode.

Whichever decision you make, be sure your signature system connects to your movement.

And if you want to grow your movement as a business or thought leader, keep coming back to Moxielicious®. Because throughout season 4, I’m talking to amazing guests growing super specific, inspiring movements.

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