If we want anyone, whether in early childhood or older adulthood to step into moxie, we need to give them opportunities to role-play their communication aloud before asking them to speak up – or expecting them to have unshakeable presence when they do it.

JoJo Bows, Susan B. Anthony and Stepping into Moxie Family-Style

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After one of my September speaking trips, I came home to discover that my daughter had gone full-on princess. Within less than one-month of Pre-K, she had fallen in love with bows worn by a YouTube child star (despite having never watched YouTube), come home from school wearing a friend’s make-up, and while I was away, also developed a new …

How to Find Your Words When Your Boundaries are Violated

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My dad recently came for a visit, and during his stay we went out for many meals with my almost 6-month old daughter. While she is pretty chatty just like her mother, overall she fairs just fine. Actually, a little too fine. She loves flapping her big baby blues at whomever she sees. As a result, she is a magnet …

Musings from the 4th Trimester: The Message in the Mess

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It’s good to temporarily interrupt my newsletter/blog leave of absence to offer you fresh content this week. Wow, has 2014 given me a lot—the greatest joy I have ever experienced in the form of my daughter, Kaia, and…a big kick in the tuchus (as my dad would say). I wish I could report that my first weeks as a mom …