Discover how to get prospective clients, speaking bookers and decision makers to respond to your proposals, pitches and submissions and stop ghosting you.

How to Stop Prospects from Ghosting You as a Coach, Trainer or Speaker

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There are certain times of the year when it can feel like as a coach, trainer or speaker that all prospects are ghosting you. Like the week before Christmas, the first days of a new year or during a Mercury Retrograde. But if you find that prospective clients, organizational decision makers and speaking bookers are consistently not responsive, it’s likely …

It’s My Birthday, I’m Not Dying, and I Have a New Website!

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To say that the last six weeks have ‘tested’ me would be akin to saying Mother Teresa lived a life of grace. Not that I’m comparing myself to Mother Teresa. Our commonalities might begin and end with our gender and our desire to bring charity to others. Especially this passed spring. As I sit in bed writing you on my …