My top lessons for how to integrate social justice with self-improvement and speak up for the ideas, issues, and people who matter most to you

Integrate Social Justice with Self-Improvement

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I believe we, as a society, must dismantle the white supremacy that is entrenched in our institutions and in our conscious and unconscious beliefs and behaviors. We must elect and promote leaders who will lead us in this charge. And we must also use our voices to become the leaders we are waiting for. How we choose to use our …


Speaking lessons from leading my mastermind

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One of the many things I love about December professionally (in addition to the two week break I take over the holidays to rest and restore before opening enrollment for my virtual speaker coaching program in early-January each year), is leading the women in my Spotlight Speakers Collective for a MasterTreat™ weekend. (If you’ve never been to one of my …

Join me in the convergence of spiritual and active people

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Political commentator and social activist Van Jones has said, “It’s in the convergence of spiritual people becoming active and active people becoming spiritual that the hope of humanity now rests.” I don’t believe these big words are over stated – even if they were initially articulated before the current times they describe. There has never been, nor do I suspect …

good girl

Why being “good” may be anything but

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F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. “What did you say, sweetie?” I asked, hoping I’d heard my daughter incorrectly.   And then she said it again. And again. And…again. After I put my eyes back into my sockets, unclenched my jaw and remembered how to breathe, my immediate next thought was, I’m a horrible mother. I knew my daughter had learned …

workshops that wow

A Guru Called Me “Brilliant” + Workshops That Wow FREE Video Series

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I am always looking to dial-up my speaking and business game. Without allowing myself to get distracted by shiny object syndrome, I’m clear that the only way I can consistently over deliver on my clients’ expectations is if I put myself in the position to have others over deliver on mine. So it’s rare that I go a full quarter …

You’re not an [insert expletive]… you just communicated like one

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Normally, if my husband Steve said something like this to me, I’d be devastated. But a few weeks ago, they were the EXACT words I needed to hear. Earlier that day I was feeling a little battered and bruised after one of my webinars. I had been really off of my delivery game. Not only had I used a lot …

TEDx Alexia Hands in Pockets

PowerPoint Mishaps, Keeping Secrets and other Lessons in Leadership

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A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting Power of the Suit, a fashion show and women’s leadership panel, put on by Global Gaming Women and Cintas. It fell during the tail end of a 6-week period where my own leadership practice has been challenged (and strengthened) by opportunities where I did not know what to say, …

It’s My Birthday, I’m Not Dying, and I Have a New Website!

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To say that the last six weeks have ‘tested’ me would be akin to saying Mother Teresa lived a life of grace. Not that I’m comparing myself to Mother Teresa. Our commonalities might begin and end with our gender and our desire to bring charity to others. Especially this passed spring. As I sit in bed writing you on my …

I’m So Over the Posturing

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Can I share a secret with you? I don’t naturally have good posture. I love this picture of me from when I was 5 or 6 months pregnant. I’m doing my thing…and my shoulders are unapologetically crooked. Despite starting ballet classes at 4 and dancing at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School as a tween, I’m typically my most comfortable when …

I’m Finally Telling the Truth + Your Spotlight Talk has arrived!

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Half-truths. They feel benign enough until too many of them stack-up and then are served back to us at the most inopportune moment. “I will have that email to you within the hour.” It seems harmless, even when we know we really won’t fire it off until the next morning, until we get passed over for a promotion because of …