Let’s Talk About What Happens at TED!

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My head is think-y and my heart is happy as I reflect on my time in Geneva for TEDGlobal. From spending half a day with Melissa Fleming, head of communications for the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees (and hearing Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, be interviewed), to sharing a drink with Bruno Giussani (the curator for TEDGlobal) and learning exactly how he prepares his speakers, to sharing resources and best practices with approximately 500 TEDx curators from around the world, my understanding of and appreciation for the TED and TEDx communities has deepened and I can’t wait to share my top takeaways with YOU.

Next Monday, December 21st at 10am pacific I’ll be hosting a virtual jam session via Google Hangout where I’ll dish on:

• TED terminology (TED, TEDx, TEDGlobal, TEDActive, TEDWomen, TEDYouth…there are over half a dozen TED formats, I’ll decode what they all mean)
• What event curators are really looking for in prospective speakers – so you can shape your submissions effectively
• The most common mistakes aspiring speakers make – and how to avoid them
• The top interest areas in the TED community (While authenticity is important, so is relevancy!)
• How to connect meaningfully with TEDx organizers (Hint: this should happen looooooong before you thing about ‘pitching’ yourself)
• Your questions, so come curious!

Whether it’s an immediate goal to create, book and perform a TEDx or TED-style talk, you know that it’s on your bucket list for “one day” or, like me, you are a proud TED junkie and want to know what’s new in the community and what goes on behind the scenes of producing one of the events, I encourage you to sign-up to attend (or watch the replay) of Get the TEDx Scoop.

I’m not pitching anything. Just dishing on 3 of the most vibrant, consciousness-expanding days of my life.

Hope to see you on the 21st!