New Year’s Resolutions are Crap, as is Some of my Communication


I didn’t create a New Year’s Resolution this year.

And, given that I was on bed rest and 2 days from giving birth to my daughter on January 1, 2014, I’m pretty sure I didn’t make a resolution last year.

While having a child born at the start of the year has shaken up my start of the year energy a bit (and for the better), in general early-January is typically one of my least favorite times.

I’m typically sick.

I’ve typically had a little too much sugar.

I’m typically a little blue.

And the whole “this year is going to be better than last” talk often compounds my malaise.

I just want it to be another day. Another week. And the less high stakes I make the start of the year the more quickly I seem to recalibrate and come home to me.

So this year, I’ve focused my attention a little differently.

I got off of my computer for 2.5 days. (This is HUGE for me.)

I re-prioritized the feng shui of my house with my guru (who I’m lucky also to call my aunt and godmother), Elaine Giftos Wright.

And I’ve gone through some self-imposed audits—on finances, and most of all, in my communication.

How is my communication with my husband? Where are we strong—and where can we grow? 

How is my communication with my team? Where are we strong—and where can we grow?

And, I bet you can see where this is going…

How is my communication with MYSELF? Where am I strong—and where can I grow?

My communication audit has been illuminating. I’ve discovered, and in some cases rediscovered, the following.

  1. When I feel stuck I tend to make myself feel more stuck by forcing a solution, and then another solution, rather than giving myself some mental freedom so that an answer can emerge organically.
  1. When I choose fear over faith I become an over talker. And I force the people around me, irrespective of their communication preferences, to over talk with me.
  1. When I bring humor into my communication with myself, my honey, and my Alexia Vernon Empowerment wingwomen, my communication is actually clearer and more compassionate. My public speaking is more creative and my calls to action are more purposeful and passionate.

As you go into 2015, if you are someone who wants to be mindful without living in your head, and if you want to enhance your communication without feeling like you are committing to one more forced exercise or cliché new year ritual, I encourage you to answer the 3 questions I posed above.

Our communication is one of the greatest predictors of our achievements and are feelings about them.

And how we communicate in one sphere of our life often dictates how we speak to ourselves in others.

Identify your communication habits.

Do more of what works.

Less of what doesn’t.

And if you’re strapped for time and want to make this all even simpler, bring more laughter into your communication. Your self-talk, interpersonal communication, and public speaking will be better for it.

While I’m honest about where my communication can go a little wonky, fortunately I’ve also gotten very clear on my ‘secret sauce’ as a speaker. Want to discover yours?

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I’m wishing you a conscious and creative start to 2015.

Remember, a new year is just that. A new year. What matters is how you show up to your life the 350+ days of the year when the hype has died down that really dictates your success and life satisfaction.