Can your coach give you the speaking career (and biz) you crave?

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What got you to where you are—it won’t get you to where you want to be.

I shared these words with my women at The Spotlight MasterTreat a few weeks ago. Aren’t they an inspired looking bunch?!


The Spotlight MasterTreat VIP Speakers, April 2017

The mindset, habits, skills and relationships that get you to your first level of success (whether you define that by number of clients, speaking gigs or your revenue)—it’s not what will get you to the next level of profitability, impact or thought leadership.

And the same is true with coaching.

These are uncomfortable words to hear—but that doesn’t make them any less true.

For the first 8 years of my business, I never had a business coach who was a paid keynote speaker. Or who led profitable (and transformational), self-produced live events. And while this is not meant to put down any of the amazing coaches and mentors who I invested time, money, heart and soul with—it should have been a wake-up call that I might have overstayed my time with them when I knew waaaaaaaaaaay more about building a profitable speaking career than they did.

A coach can’t take you to a place s/he has never been her/himself.

Similarly, over the years, I’ve also made a lot of investments in group programs. While many were led by successful, talented speakers and business owners, I never got what I needed solely from weekly group calls or Facebook groups.

To develop truly transformational speaking content, high converting pitches and proposals, and to navigate through the mental and emotional jiu-jitsu endemic to being an entrepreneur and speaker, I needed private time with my mentors and coaches. (In addition to occasional line-edits!)

Although I’ve taken an indefinite hiatus from private speaker and business coaching (outside of VIP Days and my 10-month small group mastermind, the Spotlight Speakers Collective), next week I’ll open applications for the second cohort of the Collective.

The Spotlight Speakers Collective is the way to have my head, my heart, my soul (and all of my persuasive speaking and writing skills) on all facets of your work.

Whether you’ve got a hunch that I could be the mentor and coach to amplify your speaking, thought leadership AND business success (because the speaking career, business and life I lead aligns with what you are seeking to build for yourself), and/or you want support in identifying the right avenues for speaking for your business, clients and message, I hope you will join me on Tuesday, May 16th from 10:00 am – 11:30 am pacific (1:00 pm – 2:30 pm eastern) for my The 5 Pathways for Profitable Speaking LIVE, virtual workshop.

When we jam, I’ll share:

  • 5 effective ways to use speaking to generate > $10,000 per engagement (I mean, the workshop is called The 5 Pathways for Profitable Speaking!)
  • How to pitch, book and monetize your speaking (so you can go from an industry unknown to an in-demand, go-to thought leader).
  • The key mindset shift that is necessary to do the stinkin’ work to book (and rock!) quality speaking opportunities.
  • How to integrate speaking with high-value service offerings (so that you build a business that supports your life).

I’ll also share key details of the Spotlight Speakers Collective and my unique (and effective!) approach to support visionary women to create and implement their profitable plans for growing their businesses, birthing and performing game changing speaking content and transformational learning experiences, and creating time and space for sisterhood, service, spirituality, self-care and self-growth.

Please note: This is not a pitchy virtual workshop. While I’ll take a few minutes at the end to invite you to apply to the Collective if the experience speaks to you, this is a hands-on, action-oriented workshop. Come ready to work and play hard!

Enroll in my FREE virtual workshop, The 5 Pathways for Profitable Speaking, here.