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This Skill Will Accelerate Your Speaking Success

AlexiaPublic Speaking

In part one of this four-part speaking success truth bomb series, I’m dishing on the number one skill that accelerates speaking success—speaking to the conversation in your audience members’ heads. Now, I want to acknowledge one of my mentors, Jonathan Fields, for this concept of the “conversation in the head.” During one of his trainings, Jonathan spoke about how this …

Connect with your audience and improve your speaking skills.

These 5 Words Radically Changed My Speaking Performance

AlexiaPublic Speaking

When I started my speaking career, I could have medaled in self-sabotage. Bury my voice behind other thought leaders’ ideas, research and opinions… check. Hustle for significance by using lots of slides and pack them with way too much information… check. Reject opportunities to show my mistakes, insecurities, humanity… double check. Of course, I had no idea I was getting …

THIS is what people want from you as a speaker


Oh Lex, I could never share THAT story. This is a refrain I’ve heard hundreds of times from my clients and community members. In fact, at least 1/3 of the women in my Spotlight Speakers Collective said something like that while I helped them curate material for the speaker reels they filmed with me a few weeks back. I don’t …