tell the truth

If you want to be a changemaker, tell the truth

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Every time there’s a whistle blowing moment covered by the media, particularly when it revolves around sexual abuse or sexual harassment, I lose my breath a bit. At four-years old, when I told my family I was being sexually abused by a loved one, the reactions were… mixed. (That’s the polite way of saying that while a few people sought …

THIS is what people want from you as a speaker


Oh Lex, I could never share THAT story. This is a refrain I’ve heard hundreds of times from my clients and community members. In fact, at least 1/3 of the women in my Spotlight Speakers Collective said something like that while I helped them curate material for the speaker reels they filmed with me a few weeks back. I don’t …

Take a Stand with Fran Drescher, Lewis Howes, Deborah Kagan & ME!

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Last weekend I listened to a phenomenal conversation between Elizabeth Gilbert and Brené Brown on Liz’s Magic Lessons podcast. They addressed many topics at the intersections of creativity and personal narrative, including when it’s appropriate to share your stories. After all, Brené has become connected to her quote, “Shame cannot survive being spoken.” But… Brené is also unwavering in her …