Want to dress for success on stage?

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I’ve anticipated this week for a loooooooong time. The 10 women in the inaugural cohort of the Spotlight Speakers Collective are heading to Las Vegas to spend several days with me developing their speaking skills, masterminding around their speaking and business goals, and developing their speaking reels.

1 of the 10 reasons I’m overjoyed to be pouring all of myself into this weekend is Collective member, Kathleen Audet.

Kathleen is a personal stylist…but so much more than a stylist.

She is dedicated to empowering her clients to find their authentic style in business and in life, and let go of out of season clothes (and limiting beliefs about themselves). And as a speaker and stylist to many speakers (including yours truly), she understands EXACTLY how to support women and men to choose clothes, accessories, and shoes that look great both on stage and on camera.

While I now LOVE dressing for the stage, it didn’t used to be that way.

In my late-teens and early-twenties I looked a little more showgirl than speaker during many of my earliest speaking gigs. Then in my mid-late twenties and early-thirties, I looked pretty conservative, at times even downright dowdy, buried underneath too much fabric in my mom’s suits from the mid-1990’s. Yup, in my quest to be seen as credible I went waaaaaaaay in the other direction.

Fortunately, as I move into the second half of my thirties, I’m learning how to marry my business brand, my personal style, and the ideas I want to be known for with the choices I make when I dress for speaking engagements. Kathleen has helped (and continues to help) me oodles in this regard.

Having a compelling message, epic content, powerful stories and a clear call to action matter a lot as a speaker. So does having unforgettable stage presence. And stage style.

That’s why I’ve invited Kathleen to join me next week, after our Collective weekend (and after a day of work in my closet), to co-lead a one-time only virtual master class with me on how to cultivate your authentic stage style.

Want to join us on September 22nd?

Grab your seat for Cultivate Your Authentic Stage Style now.